Typical Cost For Appliance Repair

Costs for Repairing Major Home Appliances

Home appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, or washing machines, are designed to make our lives more comfortable and easier.

What happens when one of your trusted kitchen appliances, such as your dishwasher, has washed its last dinner plate and the manufacturer's warranty has long expired?

Buying new will always be first prize, but not all of us have the spare funds to buy that shiny brand-new replacement. There is little choice but to either go the DIY route and fix it ourselves or find a suitable appliance repair service for our washer repair.

To help you make the most informed appliance repair cost decision, here are the typical costs for appliance repair, focusing on the most commonly owned and used major appliances in our homes.

Major Appliances Repair

A major appliance is generally an electrical appliance that stands on the floor and cannot easily be moved around due to its size and weight. This fact necessitates the repair of these appliances on-site in your home by a repair technician.

This avoids the hassle and cost of transporting a heavy, bulky item to a professional appliance repair service center.


Your refrigerator is perhaps one of your home's most important major appliances. So what does it typically cost for a refrigerator repair? A complete breakdown or a leak may result in the costly loss of perishable foods and frozen items if not fixed in time.

Replacement parts and the associated labor costs will affect the final cost of any refrigerator repair. A quick online research reveals an average repair cost ranging from $200 to $1,000, depending on the problem.

A quote for appliance repair will include an average repair technician's cost per hour for appliance repair of between $45 to $120, plus their fixed callout fee of between $150 and $200.

These callout fees vary by service provider, so it's always good to shop around, especially as the service provider may waive this if they carry out the repair.

So what are some typical refrigerator problems and the all-important appliance repair business rate for repairs?


The compressor is the heart of your refrigerator. Its function is to pump the refrigerant through the coils and condenser to regulate the temperatures inside the fridge. Simply put, a faulty compressor will cause your fridge to fail to keep foods at the correct temperature. Typically the cost of a replacement runs between $200 to $450 - averaging around $375 according to angi.com.

Control Board

Your refrigerator's electronic control board is the brain of the appliance, controlling the complete functioning of the refrigerator. This is one of the most expensive parts to fix, with costs ranging between $80 to $800 (not including labor costs) according to Nebraska Home Appliance. The higher end your refrigerator, the more you can expect to pay for the control board.

Refrigerator Leaking

The refrigerant that cycles through the compressor, coils, and condenser cools your refrigerator and should never run out. If the refrigerator cannot maintain temperatures, there may be a suspected leak in the abovementioned parts.

Unfortunately, this is not a DIY fix. A technician can diagnose and repair any refrigerant leak with an average cost of between $150 and $400 according to HomeAdvisor.


Your refrigerator's thermostat regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator. So when the fridge temperature is too cold or hot, or if it changes unpredictably, the thermostat is likely the culprit.

A faulty thermostat often cannot be repaired, so a replacement part is the only option. As an example, Maytag thermostat replacements from their official website range anywhere from around $50 to $300.

Washing Machine

An indispensable part of our lives, so when this appliance breaks down, havoc ensues, and we face the unpleasant prospect of hand-washing clothes. So what can go wrong with our washing machine, and what are the costs of a washing machine repair?

Check out Fixr.com for more details, but here are costs you can expect to pay:

Water Leaks

A few different appliance parts may cause water leaks from under the washing machine. These include a loose or punctured drain hose, worn-out inlet valves, the drain pump itself, the front door rubber gasket, or a perished tub-to-pump hose.

Here are some average repair and replacement costs by a professional technician for these parts on a fully automatic washing machine:

  • Drain hose replacement costs starting at around $40 + around $100 in appliance service labor costs
  • Inlet valve replacement costs around $50 - then another $100 or so for Labor
  • Washer drain pump a more costly $300 to $400
  • Door gasket replacement can be quite expensive - with Labor you’re looking at as much as $300
  • Shut-off valve repair $100 to $225
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Washing Machine Drain Hose Installation Tutorial


A common washing machine coupling repair usually costs around $85 to $160 (fixr). This repair is necessary when you hear the motor running, but the drum or agitator isn't spinning.

Washing Machine Belt

The washing machine belt enables the spin cycle function on your appliance. With extended time and use, this belt will eventually stretch and deteriorate, resulting in the belt either snapping or slipping off the pulleys.

Once it starts to slip, it will cause a loud squealing noise. So when the belt is no longer up to scratch, it is best to install a new one. Washing machine belts aren’t all that expensive - with prices starting at around $20 - but with labor costs you could be paying around $150 or so.

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Replacing the washing machine belt on a Samsung Eco Bubble Machine

The Washing Machine Is Not Switching On

Your washing machine simply not turning on may be resolved by checking the power source at the circuit breaker to ensure this is switched on and then the plug point.

Your front-loading or top-loader washing machine not switching on to start or switching off mid-cycle may be the sign of a more sinister issue requiring the call out of a repair technician.

Like most modern appliances, your washing machine may use a motherboard or control board to control the automatic operation of the appliance. Any malfunctions of the motherboard or timers will cause a loss of power and affect the operation of the machine.

A control board replacement is not something to be tackled by the home DIY'er but rather by a suitably qualified technician. Let's check out below some average costs of repairs for this part, along with other control parts that may need replacement :

  • Motherboard for fully automatic machine $250 to $400 (fixr)
  • Timer replacement parts vary in cost, but typically start around $100 and with the appliance repairman labor cost you could be paying between $200 and $300.
  • The door or lid switch can be purchased (if you’re fortunate) for as little as $10 - but with labor and service call fees you’ll probably be paying over $100.

Washing Machine Bearings

Washing machines mostly use two different bearings with placement depending on the model and type.

Top-loading machines typically have them at the front, while front-loading models have drum bearings in the rear. Wear and tear over time will cause the bearings to fail, leading to excessive vibration.

This is made worse by overloading the machine beyond its recommended capacity, causing premature bearing failure. Washer bearing replacements and repair costs are normally around $150 to $225.

Clothes Dryer

Your clothes dryer is an indispensable household appliance necessary to keep up with the family's washing load, especially in winter. So if you own an electric or gas-powered model, we will look at the cost of both repair options.

Electric Clothes Dryers

Most modern electric clothes dryers have a working life of around ten years. But as with all things electric and complex, they fail occasionally and require electrical repairs.

Let's first have a look at what may go wrong with your electric dryer machine that will necessitate a clothes dryer repair:

Dryer Drum Repair Cost

One of the costlier repairs, the dryer drum holds the laundry and tumbles it through the spin cycle to dry your clothes. Any cracks in the drum will affect the operation.

This repair is for the trained technician, or your machine may require a replacement drum. Repair costs will start at around $150, with replacement costs of around $500 according to HomeAdvisor.


The thermostat controls the temperatures at which the appliance operates. Not only is a faulty thermostat a potential fire risk, but this will also cause the inefficient operation of the dryer appliance.

A broken thermostat repair costs about $100 according to Thumbtack.com, but will vary depending on the brand and model.

Faulty Door Latch

A fault door latch is an inexpensive fix at around $125 - including the appliance repair technician’s hourly labor cost. Ignoring this inexpensive door latch repair will cause the dryer to remain switched off.

Electric Motor Failure

The electric motor in the dryer is responsible for rotating the dryer drum. Repairs may be as simple as cleaning a lint-covered motor. If the motor can no longer rotate the drum and emits a humming noise when switched on, repair or replacement is required.

Repairing your dryer motor will set you back at least $120 in parts alone for a Kenmore Dryer. Add labor costs, and expanding the range to include higher end dryers, you could be looking at anywhere from $200 - $400.

Dryer Heating Element

On average, the drying heating element found in an electric dryer costs around $200 including labor. These parts do burn out, especially in older model dryers. They typically cost under $100 - but you have to tack labor on to that cost. A sure sign that this part needs replacing is a loss of drying efficiency.

Gas Clothes Dryer

Working on the same principle as its cousin, the electric dryer, heating is provided by a gas heater. Less common than an electric dryer, a gas dryer still plugs in an electrical socket, but this is a 120V power supply along with a gas line.

Any repairs to gas dryers will require the services of a certified technician. Typically a service call, exclusive of any required replacement parts, will see you forking out between $75 to $125.

Replacement costs for any electrical parts needed for your gas dryer repair will be similar to those part costs of an electric dryer. Below we see the average costs of some commonly replaced parts for your gas dryer:

  • Gas heating element $150 to $350 (fixr)
  • Thermostats typically run between $25 and $50 - and with labor will likely run you around $200
  • Gas ignitors can cost as little as $20 - with the labor for replacement you’re typical looking at around $125
  • Gas vents aren’t all that expensive - with gas vent kits costing around $50 - count on $125 or more for replacement costs.
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Replacing an Igniter in a Kenmore Dryer


Nobody likes to do dirty dishes, so when your dishwasher quits, a prompt repair is in order. Dishwasher repair is typically the most labor-intensive repair of all the major appliances. The national average for a dishwasher repair runs between $100 to $300.

Dishwasher repair service companies may charge a flat rate for a minor repair but will revert to hourly labor rates for more complicated repairs. With a national average hourly rate ranging anywhere from $100 to $200 plus parts, this adds up quickly.

Let's take a look at some repair costs, inclusive of the technician's charges, below:

Dishwasher Seal

Door seals are relatively inexpensive - typically costing under $50. With Labor you’re probably looking at an all-in repair cost of around $100. This repair is one of the easiest and cheapest jobs, but you should pay attention to the repair if water is leaking due to a cracked and perished seal.

Dishwasher Door Spring

A dishwasher door springs also aren’t all that expensive - the replacement part costs between $25-$50 depending on your dishwasher model. With labor, you can count on paying a bit over $100. Correct gentle operation of the doors opening and closing will be affected by worn-out springs.

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Replacing the Door Spring on a Bosch Dishwasher

Dishwasher Pump

Your dishwasher pump operates to drain the dishwasher at the end of the wash cycle. This pump can become obstructed with food bits, and a technician should be able to fix any issues without a costly pump replacement. A dishwasher pump can be an expensive ordeal. Dishwasher Pumps can range from $75 - $300 for just the pump. This can result in a replacement cost of $125 - $400.

Control Panel Repair

Without the correct functioning of the control panel, your washer will not operate. Often a control panel does not need to be replaced. Rather a simple reset is needed, especially if the power has been interrupted to the machine during its cycle.

The control panel repairs, including the necessary parts (which can range from $100 - $300), can average between $200 and $400.

Dishwasher Motor

The dishwasher motor is the workhorse of the dishwasher. As one of the most expensive dishwasher parts, you may wish to consider if it makes more sense to buy a new dishwasher rather than replacing your existing motor. If a dishwasher motor repair is necessary, this can cost you between $400 to $600, depending on the fault and the motor type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions on the typical cost of appliance repairs.

Why is appliance repair so expensive?

The repair costs of any major appliance that requires a visit by a qualified or certified technician will include both the callout fee and the flat rate fee. After that, the cost per hour for appliance repair plus the replacement parts required to complete the repair.

Secondly, the technician may not have the required part on hand and will need to source this, resulting in follow-up visit charges. These costs add up quickly.

Is it worth it to fix an appliance?

As a guide, you should always consider buying new if the appliance repair cost exceeds 50% of the appliance replacement price tag. Of course, any minor repairs on a refrigerator, for example, to the amount of $350, would be acceptable if the replacement cost is $1500.

The choice between repair or replacement will also depend on the appliance brand. Typically high-end brands will be repaired rather than replaced due to high sticker prices.

How much should it cost to fix a dryer?

Generally, a dryer repair costs between $100 and $430, with an average of $180. This, however, depends greatly on the type of repair needed, the parts required, and the brand and model.

Is it worth repairing a 10 year old refrigerator?

The United States Department of Energy advises that refrigerators have a lifespan of approximately 12 years. Repairs on a 10-year-old fridge that amount to close to 50% of a new fridge's price tag do not make sense, and a replacement will be the best option.

However, minor repairs under $200 will be the most cost-effective option and may keep your fridge going for a few more years before having to incur the costs of a brand-new fridge.

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