Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business

Focusing on Carpet Cleaning for Business Owners

A commercial carpet cleaning business can be a good business because of the many offices and other commercial spaces that require the services. Your carpet cleaning service can focus solely on these customers. You only need to develop a simple strategy to help you navigate that line of business.

Before starting a commercial carpet cleaning company, figure out whether the cleaning you need falls under their service provision scope. For example, the kind of clients you have to look out for and the carpet cleaning equipment you need to clean an office carpet. Another critical element is pricing because you'll need to provide quality services at an affordable price when cleaning commercial carpets.

The article gives a detailed description of the commercial carpet cleaning business. You will get valid insights from the answers to most questions a person interested in starting the business would ask.

What Type of Clients Does the Company Serve?

Here's a list of clients who may need commercial carpet cleaning services:


Many individuals interact with office spaces daily. For example, some individuals work from offices, while others visit offices to purchase goods or receive specific services. As a result, many offices try to stay presentable. One way to make an office look presentable, inviting and professional is by having a carpet. Carpet also helps to reduce overall noise, which can help to mitigate the noise of a busy office.

The carpets in offices require regular cleaning because of various reasons. One of the main reasons is employee health and safety. Carpets in the office accumulate dust and other pollutants over time.

The accumulation may affect the health of some employees, if not all, in an office. Therefore, it is recommended to have the office cleaned to protect employees' health and those who visit the office.

Office space owners also require carpet cleaning services because hygiene is a way to impress their clients. Impressing clients is always necessary, starting with minor things such as a clean office.

As such, most of your potential clients will likely be individuals who own or run office spaces.


It is possible to overlook warehouses because not many people think warehouses may require commercial carpet cleaning services. However, businesses or individuals who own warehouses are often times in need of a professional carpet cleaner.

Warehouses occupy large spaces, which means that the carpets may be huge. Areas you may need maximum concentration include the entrance and exit spaces. The main reason is that most offloading and unloading occur around the area. It only means that many people move around the entrance and exit areas.

Dust disrupts the air quality of a warehouse, and carpets are known to accumulate dust.

The overall goal should be to ensure that the warehouse space is clean and the air quality is top-notch.


Hotels allow guests throughout the year as they strive to remain operational with zero to no interference from internal factors. Some guests only stay within the space for a short time, while others may stay for an extended period.

Hotels Typically Have a Lot of Carpeting in Common Areas, Guest Rooms, and Conference Rooms

Image is key for hotels because guests are keen on the services and the level of cleanliness in the space they choose to stay in for whatever time. As such, hotels require commercial carpet cleaning services because for the interest of their clients and employees.

Hotels may have cleaners who do regular cleaners. However, remember that they may not have the required equipment to carry out deep carpet cleaning.

Add hotels to your list of potential clients and look through the hotels within your area of interest.

Gyms or Sports Facilities

Many gyms or sports facilities have carpets due to the nature of activities that happen within the spaces. For example, in gyms, carpets are essential for the enhanced safety of the clients. It is also a way to make the floor slip resistant as people do heavy workouts.

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Commercial Oxifresh carpet cleaning for the business owner of a Yoga Studio

A gym is an area where many people go in and out regularly. It is only best for thorough carpet cleaning to get done often for the safety of the gym clients. People prefer working out in cleaning spaces, especially in gyms where people lie down when doing exercises or tired.

Carpeting in Gyms and Fitness Areas is More Prevalent Than You Might Think

As you plan on starting the carpet cleaning business, do a survey of the gyms around your area because they could form part of your market.


Healthcare facilities are typically carpeted

Healthcare offices like doctors, dentists and optometrists typically have commercial grade carpet that requires periodic service from a commercial carpet cleaner. It is essential that medical offices get a regular carpet cleaning as viruses and bacteria can actually thrive in the carpet fiber of dirty carpets.

Frequent Cleaning in Healthcare Offices Helps to Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses


Schools have children who easily get sick. You may mostly find carpets in kindergarten classes. Children love playing around, and the carpets keep them safe.

Regular cleaning of the carpets is a requirement because children need to learn in friendly environments.

Other clients that you could serve include:

  • Cafes
  • Religious spaces such as churches
  • Pubs
  • Retail stores

There is a list of ready markets, and you only need to do proper planning to start serving the people. Factors such as marketing and advertising will help you get and learn about more clients you could serve.

Word of mouth or referrals are also great, but they only come about when you strive to satisfy your clients at all times.

What Kind of Equipment Do We Need To Conduct the Business?

A commercial carpet cleaning business is like any other business that requires you to have what it takes to conduct a business. Therefore, before starting a commercial carpet cleaning company, it is advisable to factor in the different equipment that you need.

Remember that your potential clients may be doing simple carpet cleaning to the best of their ability. However, what makes these clients seek out your services is the unique equipment you have to help you do thorough carpet cleaning.

You can start by researching the different equipment available for commercial carpet cleaning. Look through the different prices, then come up with a budget plan.

To start you off, check out this list of some of the essential equipment that you may need to conduct a commercial carpet cleaning business:

Vacuum Cleaner

Before anything else, you need to consider buying a vacuum cleaner. As you shop for a vacuum cleaner, check or ask for one with a beater bar that you can adjust.

The adjustments are necessary because the carpets you will be cleaning will likely differ. The difference could be due to different textures or materials used to make the carpets.

Remember that you will interact with many clients with different tastes and preferences.

Other factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner include weight. Choose a vacuum cleaner that you can move around easily and one that your employees can handle with ease.

The main function of a vacuum cleaner is to extract dust. Ensure the vacuum cleaner you purchase has a HEPA-microfilter system for efficiency and improved air quality.

A vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush is a plus because it is thorough on carpets.

Stain Removers

Stains are among the top reasons you may get calls to render carpet cleaning services. Stains make an area look unkempt or unpresentable. As a result, you need to have strong strain removers to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients.

It would be best to have a range of quality products you can use on different carpets. You may need to know or discover the different stain removers on the job and how they work on the different carpets.

Check through the different brands and purchase stain removers from reputable brands. Also, before using stain removers, you must check the instructions for guidance. Reading and internalizing instructions will help avoid accidents or damage to a client's carpet.

Carpet Extractor

A carpet extractor can work hand in hand with stain removers. They are known to remove dirt and stain that are hard to remove on carpets.

The machine works well with the right amount of pressure and water. The suction power of a carpet extractor also makes it easy to remove stains, and afterward, your client's carpet will look new.

Hoses and Other Hose Accessories

Commercial carpet cleaning involves the use of a lot of water and steam cleaning. During the whole process, the right amount of water pressure is recommendable for efficient cleaning.

A hose and all the necessary accessories, such as connectors, help you achieve the right amount of pressure to do the cleaning.

Rotary Carpet Cleaning Extractor

A rotary extractor is recommendable when cleaning carpets that have stayed for a long without any form of cleaning. As the name of the machine suggests, the rotary carpet cleaning extractor removes all stains and any trapped soil particles.

Carpet Rake

The main purpose of thorough commercial carpet cleaning is the removal of deeply embedded dirt that forms around in and around carpets in commercial spaces. The stiff bristles on carpet rakes make it easy to get between a carpet's fiber.

Air Scrubber

An air scrubber is complementary equipment that would work best after you are done with carpet cleaning. Air scrubbers are portable, and you can move around with them to provide services for your different clients.

If most of your carpet cleaning will be on-premise, then thorough carpet cleaning may leave some airborne particles. There may also be an odor, especially if the carpets you were cleaning were excessively dirty.

The main purpose of an air scrubber is to enhance air quality by eliminating the said airborne particles and any possible odor. Therefore, you should always strive to leave a client's property smelling clean and fresh.

Clients appreciate service providers that go over and beyond to satisfy their needs. It is among the many reasons they will keep coming back for your services and referring you to other clients.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The safety of the people working on the carpets should be a priority. Remember that the cleaners will be using heavy equipment and chemicals that may bring about injuries or accidents. Personal Protective Equipment is safety supplies that will protect them from any incidents.

Examples of Personal Protective Equipment including:

  • First aid
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Respiratory protection such as masks
  • Spill control
  • Hearing protection
  • Floor signs
  • Protective clothing
  • Containment.

Chemicals that you may need to kickstart your carpet cleaning business include:

  • Detergents
  • Sanitizers
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pre-sprays

The other small but essential supplies you may also need include:

  • Brooms
  • Rags
  • Sprayers

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Segment the Carpet Cleaning Services?

Most times, starting a business requires you to think of different ways of doing things. For example, if you are starting a commercial carpet cleaning business, you can segment your services. The main aim is to ensure you are very specific.

Specificity makes it easy for your clients to find a service they need. Carpet cleaning services after events and during the holiday season are a necessary segment. The reason is that people in offices and other commercial spaces often have events and take breaks during the holiday season.

After events, you will find clients contacting you because they need you to do some thorough cleanup before resuming. For example, during holidays, school administrators may call you to do a thorough carpet clean-up before students resume.

Segmenting also makes it easier for you to expand the scope of your services and price them accordingly, depending on the work done.

How Much Does It Cost To Do Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Prices vary depending on numerous factors, such as the quality of work or your agreement with a client.

First, before setting a standard price for your services, be sure to do comprehensive research. What are the current prices in the market? How much does my close competitor charge? How much are my approximate or standard expenses?

Some of the expenses that you should factor in include transport, salaries, and wages. The standard price you use for all your clients should be able to cater to all the business expenses.

The questions will helps you come up with a reasonable price that will be fair for you and your clients. Anytime you do work for a client, ensure they get value for their money.

Once in a while, you can also give sale discounts to return customers. It is a way to maintain good relationships with your clients, which is key in business.

How Long Does It Take To Professionally Clean a Carpet?

The question is valid because any business that involves services is time sensitive. However, your main objective should be to ensure that you deliver exceptional services. Before starting any work, it would be best to do prior planning.

Prior to beginning a commercial cleaning, you’ll want to have a discussion with a client on when they would like their carpets cleaned. You can also do a site visit to help you gauge the magnitude of work you and your team need to do. Also, understand what a client expects from you before starting a job.

Planning will make you determine the number of people that would be sufficient to do carpet or upholstery cleaning. You can also gauge the number of products and the equipment you will need to use. All this helps you save time on the actual cleaning date.

There is no definite answer to how long it takes to professionally clean a carpet. It all depends on the size of the commercial space and the amount of dirt, among other issues.
However, for standard rooms such as hotel rooms, you can try and use around 30 to 45 minutes per room. The minutes should be enough to do cleaning and ensure all parts of the carpet are clean.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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