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Finding Online Carpet Cleaning Communities

Whether you spilled black nail polish on the carpet or are a professional carpet cleaner looking for tips, carpet cleaning forums and blogs can be immensely helpful.

You can find product recommendations, equipment for sale, tips for stubborn stains, and more.

Below are the best carpet cleaning forums and blogs you can refer to for industry news, recommendations, and advice.

Milkey's Board Forum

Milkey's Board Forum is one of the top carpet-cleaning forums and blogs to check out. They have rooms dedicated to carpet cleaning, where people can ask and answer questions or give anecdotal information that can be super helpful.

The forum on Mikey’s Board is Very Active

People often ask questions about specific stains, cleaners, products, and services. For example, some discussions revolve around pet stains, while others talk about a specific .carpet cleaning company.

Questions are often answered by a professional carpet cleaner, meaning the information comes from an experienced and knowledgeable source. Aside from carpet cleaning, Milkey's Board Forum also has rooms to discuss window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and related topics.

Carpet Cleaning Subreddit

The name may be a bit raunchy, but this subreddit is a wealth of information for homeowners and professional carpet cleaning companies. Of all the carpet cleaning forums, this one focuses on stains and spills the most.

If you spill something you cannot get out of a carpet or have a difficult job ahead of you as a professional carpet cleaner, this subreddit offers advice. They also discuss their favorite product for certain tasks, like carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners, and carpet cleaning machines.

If you're on the hunt for a quality cleaning product, people offer genuine recommendations and reviews on Carpet Cleaning Subreddit.

Cleaning Talk

Cleaning Talk is a bit of a hidden gem, but one of the best carpet cleaning forums and blogs for a carpet cleaning business looking for tips on unique carpet cleaning situations.

This forum is not ideal for the average carpet owner trying to clean their rug, as the topics are dense and niche. The people on this forum discuss different kinds of mold and how to treat them, different and rare carpet materials, and heavy-duty carpet cleaners.

Some questions are basic, but most are intense carpet-cleaning questions that professionals will benefit from the most.

Kleen Kuip

KleenKuip is another forum suited to professional carpet cleaning services, but individuals can find useful information too. People on this forum discuss cleaning techniques and tips as well as information on protecting carpets and fabric before spills and stains happen.

Carpet Cleaning Discussion Forums at KleenKuip

The forum also features handy guides for cleaning a massive carpet and the best strategies to clean efficiently and thoroughly. This forum also features polls, where people can vote on their favorite cleaners or companies and more.

For example, there is a poll that discusses whether heated carpet cleaning is better than non-heated techniques. You can also find helpful information concerning cleaning service certifications and licenses, which you may need depending on where your carpet cleaning service is located.

Cleantalk Forum

The Cleantalk Forum is the ultimate discussion board for professional cleaners of all kinds. Whether you clean houses, carpets, upholstery, toilets, windows, or anything in between, this is the forum for you.

They discuss nitty gritty topics in the cleaning industry, like proper dilution ratios for cleaning products, matted carpet solutions, pet stain tips, and more.

The forum also discusses car cleaning often, both internal and external. So car carpet cleaning is a common topic of discussion. You can also learn about the different properties of dye and how to remove them from various fabrics and materials.

Carpet Cleaning on Reddit

This subreddit is better for average joes who want help cleaning their carpet! So if you don't own a carpet cleaning business, this might be the best place for you to find tips and tricks that are not extensive.

The language and conversations on some carpet cleaning forums and blogs mentioned above may be complex and confusing for non-industry folks. But the Carpet Cleaning subreddit keeps things simple.

You can also find home remedies where you can remove particular stains with a household item, like baking soda or vinegar. Many posts here are people, especially renters, pleading for help with a super dirty carpet or stubborn stain.

Generations Carpet Cleaning Blog

The Generations Carpet Cleaning Blog is run by the business Generations Carpet Cleaning. They have many informative articles about stains, carpet maintenance, pet dander, and more.

Most articles focus on consumers and individuals, but professional carpet cleaners can also use this as a helpful resource. The blog has a family-forward vibe, so many parents looking to maintain their carpets even as rugrats run wild turn to this blog.

The main thing this blog is missing is recommendations for products and equipment. They mainly discuss the nature of stains and highlight the importance of carpet maintenance.

Healthy Home Carpet, Upholstery, and Rug Cleaning Blog

The Healthy Home Carpet, Upholstery, and Rug Cleaning Blog have many well-researched articles with reliable information and tips. The blog is broken down into well-organized sections, making it easy to find articles on the top you're looking for.

For example, they have a whole subsection concerning allergens in your home and carpet and how carpet cleaning can make the air in your home healthier.

They also have a category dedicated to green living, helping people use less energy while keeping their homes clean and healthy. It's also one of the best resources for industry news and changes.

The Healthy Home Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Blog on


This blog is not a discussion-based forum but has extensive lists of highly recommended carpet cleaning services, carpet cleaning products, and general cleaning products.

If you want to find the best products to use for your company or stay up to date on the other carpet cleaning businesses finding success, this can be a helpful resource.

But it doesn't provide more than recommendations, so the blog offers little insight or anecdotes concerning carpet cleaning. However, the lists on Probitas are frequently revised and updated, offering current information and suggestions.

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