Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There’s More Than One Way to Clean a Carpet

One should clean their carpets regularly to avoid moisture buildup and dust. Hiring a good cleaning crew is the best way to ensure one always has a clean carpet. Besides deep cleaning the carpet, these professionals guide people in maintaining their carpets.

However, those who prefer cleaning their carpets should learn different carpet cleaning techniques. Additionally, they should learn how to discharge the carpet cleaning wastewater to avoid harming the environment.

Keep reading to learn other carpet cleaning techniques.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There are many carpet cleaning techniques that one can use. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the most popular carpet cleaning techniques. Many people like this method because it’s fast and the carpet dries quickly. This carpet cleaning method is ideal for home and commercial cleaning like restaurants.

In this technique, one must create a solution containing water and a detergent. However, one can also use a specific cleaning powder instead of detergent to make the solution.

Step 1: Sprinkle the mixture on the carpet. However, don’t overdo it to avoid soaking the carpet.

Step 2: Use a brush to clean the carpet. Most of these brushes have varying bristles since they are used for different carpet types. Move the brush to different areas in the carpet to ensure all the carpet fibres are clean.

Step 3: After scrubbing the carpet thoroughly, leave it for a few minutes to dry. Ensure the house has adequate air circulation, or use a fan to fasten the process.

Ultimately, dry cleaning is a fast and effective technique that requires no expertise.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is suitable for commercial carpet cleaning. This carpet cleaning technique will eradicate all the dirt and dust on the carpet, leaving it in good condition. However, there are several disadvantages to using this method.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning Restoring a filthy carpet to its original brilliance

First, this cleaning technique requires a steam carpet cleaning device. This machine is expensive, which is why most carpet cleaning services use it because they normally clean many carpets.

Second, it requires a lot of water. One needs sufficient water since it must be heated and converted to steam for this process to be effective.

For this cleaning technique, one needs soap and a steam cleaning device. First, apply the soap on the carpet and spread it using a brush to every section.

The next step involves using the carpet cleaning device. This machine releases steam into the carpet, which kills germs and cleans the carpet fibers. This carpet cleaning machine also has a powerful suction system, which extracts all the dirt and dust from the carpet.

Steam carpet cleaning is a good technique for reducing the carpet's allergens.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is an effective and fast carpet cleaning method. It’s mainly used for home carpet cleaning but can also be used for commercial purposes.

This cleaning technique requires two processes. First, one needs an absorbent pad, which is the bonnet. The pad is then immersed in a detergent solution to ensure it effectively absorbs the dirt in the carpet.

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Bonnett Carpet Cleaning From Pro Carpet Care

Second, one requires a rotary scrubber. The bonnet is attached to the rotary scrubber, which is used to scrub the carpet to eliminate dirt and dust. One can also use their hand to scrub the carpet using the bonnet, but it can be strenuous and ineffective.

Bonnet cleaning is a good technique that ensures one has a clean carpet.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is ideal for home and commercial use because it’s fast. The main advantage of this cleaning method is that one may use their carpet immediately after cleaning. This method uses less water, thus having a lower drying time.

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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Explained

Before commencing the encapsulation carpet cleaning process, the carpet cleaning company must vacuum the carpet. They will then use a rotary machine to clean the carpet. This machine usually has a pad containing the encapsulating chemical, which absorbs dirt.

The final step is to vacuum the carpet to remove the remaining debris. Besides cleaning the carpet effectively, the encapsulation carpet cleaning method is recommended for carpet maintenance.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

One can use hot water extraction cleaning commercially or domestically. The primary difference between this cleaning technique and steam cleaning is that one uses hot water that isn’t converted to steam.

One must first apply the detergent solution on the carpet and spread it to all areas. The next step involves spraying hot water to clean each carpet fiber and remove all stains.

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Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning From California Carpet Cleaning

The primary disadvantage of this upholstery cleaning method is that it may soak the carpet fibers, thus damaging them. Another disadvantage is that the carpet will take more hours to dry or even days, especially if the carpet is soaked.

Thus, it’s best to hire a carpet cleaning service if one prefers this cleaning method because these professionals won’t leave any detergent residue and won’t soak the carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is an old method used to clean heavily soiled carpets. The cleaning process involves applying carpet shampoo and spreading it to all areas. One must then scrub the entire carpet using a brush to remove the stains and dirt. The next process involves using a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dirt and carpet shampoo.

The primary shortcoming of this cleaning method is the lack of rinsing. This causes the carpet to have various patches of detergent after it dries. Another disadvantage is that the carpet may take a while to dry.

Even though carpet shampooing has various shortcomings, it leaves the carpet clean and fresh.

Spot Cleaning

You may have to do some spot cleaning of your carpet - especially in an environment that is prone to accidents - usually due to pets or messy children. In this case, you’re not dealing with a heavily soiled carpet, you’re dealing with an accident situation. You can just use an off the shelf commercial cleaning product to address the carpet stain and any associated odors.

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Resolve Has Been an Effective Carpet Cleaner for Over 30 Years

Which Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

It’s difficult to determine the best carpet cleaning method since each technique depends on the type of rug and stains. Furthermore, each method has its benefits and shortcomings.

However, the best carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction. This method is ideal for people with allergies to detergents. Moreover, this cleaning technique effectively eradicates mold, germs, and other contaminants.

Dry carpet cleaning is also a good method, especially for commercial use. One should use this technique in high-traffic areas because the carpet won’t take long dry. Ultimately, the carpet cleaning technique people choose depends on the preferred cleaning method.

Which Are the Three Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Techniques?

There are several carpet cleaning methods, but some are more common than others. Here are the three most popular carpet cleaning techniques. The commercial carpet cleaning method you choose may vary based on your customer.

  • Bonnet carpet cleaning. It’s a common carpet cleaning method, ideal for light-cleaning maintenance. A professional carpet cleaner might perform a Bonnet carpet cleaning as a maintenance cleaning between deeper cleanings . Another reason people prefer this carpet cleaning technique is that they don’t need the rotary scrubber since they can use their hands to scrub the carpet.
  • Dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is popular because it has a faster drying time. One doesn't need to wait a while for the carpet to dry as this method doesn’t require water.
  • Steam carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is also common because it’s the most preferred method by many professional carpet cleaning companies. Many of these cleaning agencies have invested in steam cleaning devices to offer fast and effective carpet cleaning services.

How Can One Clean Their Carpet At Home Like a Professional?

For those who cannot afford to hire a carpet cleaning service regularly, there are various things they must do or have to clean their carpet like a professional.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Always Remove Dirt and Dust Before Cleaning

Some people forget this step and go straight into cleaning. However, one must eradicate dust and dirt before cleaning. It entails using a vacuum to suction all the dirt and dust to ensure the carpet is ready for cleaning.

Additionally, removing dirt and dust before cleaning makes the process fast and easy.

Have The Right Tools

One must have the right tools to clean carpets like a professional. However, the tools people use depend on the cleansing method.

For example, the steam carpet cleaning method requires a steam cleaning device, while the bonnet method requires a rotary scrubber.

Additionally, learn how to use these machines when cleaning carpets to ensure the cleaning process is effective.

Sanitize the Carpets

After cleaning the carpets, one must sanitize them. A good way to do this is by applying an antimicrobial agent on the carpet.

How To Deep Clean A Carpet

Here are the steps to follow when deep cleaning a carpet.

  • Vacuum the carpet.
  • Mix salt, borax, and vinegar and apply the mixture on the heavy carpet stains. Wait a few hours for the mixture to dry.
  • Use the steam cleaning device to eradicate the stains and other contaminants. This carpet cleaner is effective for deep cleaning.
  • Constantly refill the machine with hot water to ensure it’s enough to remove all the stains.
  • Add more vinegar if there are stubborn stains.
  • Steam clean the carpet again.
  • Leave the carpet to dry completely.
  • Dispose of the carpet cleaning water responsibly.

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