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Being a successful damage restoration professional goes beyond having an extensive knowledge base of wind, fire, water, and other environmental factors. There are many other tools of the trade that are essential to providing high quality service to customers who have experienced devastating loss due to mitigating circumstances. Some may argue that expertise related to sales & marketing, company management, industry standards, innovative equipment, and hiring practices is just as crucial to overall success.

Industry related podcasts often present listeners with significant insight into a variety of topics from experts in the field while also providing entertainment and possibly a heartfelt story or two.

Check out some of the informative podcasts listed below for something to listen to while you’re driving between jobs:

Restoration Today

Hosted by Michelle Blevins, this is both an audio and video podcast that encompasses everything you need to know about the restoration industry through interviews with professionals ranging from contractors, suppliers, insurers, and others.

There is one new episode per week which can be accessed at: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/restoration-today/id1581043873

The Restoration & Remediation Ask The Expert Podcast

YouTube video

Ask the Expert from Restoration and Remediation Magazine

Experts share knowledge on all topics as they relate to the restoration industry. Learn about how to build your dream business, navigating job retention, the state of restoration technology, and even information about how bioterrorism could affect your restoration business. Check out all the episodes and listen to a whole range of different topics.

Access the podcast here:

The Restoration & Remediation Ask the Expert Podcasts on Apple …

Disaster Podcaster

Hosted by Restoration Business Advisor, Klark Brown, each new episode lasts between 30-50 minutes and is offered twice a month on Friday mornings. Learn about everything related to disaster and recovery.

Access the podcast here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5yDz6Y47kwgqJEUjewRbV2avuogqI4tQ

Coaching and mentoring options can be found here:


The Restoration Success Show

If you’re a damage restoration contractor then you will want to tune into this podcast. Founder & CEO of Restoration Marketing Group, Jamie Randall, shares a multitude of strategies to help you achieve success with your business and generate jobs and revenue. Topics range from marketing your business, industry challenges, and converting damage restoration leads to Google Map mistakes that companies are making.

Access the Restoration Success Show

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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