Online Review Management for Electricians

Customer Reviews are Essential for the Success of Your Electrical Services Business

73% of consumers focus on solely the last month of reviews for businesses, with 87% of all consumers using reviews as part of their process of hiring a local service provider, according to a BrightLocal survey. Doing quality work and consistently collecting customer reviews is required in order to be competitive as an electrical services provider.

Your Google Business Profile reviews are the most crucial aspect for you to earn good reviews. Google makes use of reviews as one of their ranking factors to determine how you will show up on the search results " More reviews and positive ratings can improve your business's local ranking". You can be certain that other online review websites use the quantity and quality of your reviews as ranking factors.

Can I delete My Google Business Listing - Or Listings on other Sites?


It is kind of a nuisance other sites can list your electrical company and collect reviews without giving you the ability to opt out. Many of these review websites have poor customer service and won't even let you modify basic information about your own business without paying to do so.

But they won't take your listing down - even if you ask nicely.

Your best option is to make sure you're doing excellent work and ask for reviews at the end of service calls. Having a steady stream of good reviews coming in can be a great marketing asset for your electrical company.

How Electrical Contractors Can get Reviews

It is essential to collect as many customer reviews as you can. This must be done in accordance with the terms and conditions of the review platform. For certain review services, like Google, you can request reviews. For companies like Yelp, You can't directly request reviews according to their terms.

Based on the platform, you will need to determine what type of review collection activity will be possible.

There are numerous ways to request a customer write a review for your company. Here are the most common ways electricians can get reviews.

Text a Review Link

Electrical contractors can get google reviews by sending customers a link to your Google review page

The best way to convince customers to leave reviews is to text them a link to your company's page on a review website. It's simple for them and quick for you. Please ask the customer for their consent and whether they're willing to leave an online review using a text link before texting them.

When all necessary electrical work is complete - and you're still at the customer's residence (or place of business) - that's when you ask for the review. Asking when you're still on site will likely increase the probability that your customer will provide you with a review since your service is still relatively fresh in their minds.

Google is the first and most important place that you need to focus on for review collection. Google offers this step-by-step process to get the review link for your Google Business Profile. From your Google Business Profile, you should be able to click on the "Share Review Form" box to get a link to at you can give to your customers to get more reviews.

Go to Your Google Business Profile and select "Share Review Form" under the Get More Reviews section
Your electrical company will send this link to customers to leave you a review

Email a Review Link

The second option is likely to send the customer a link to review you by email. This may not get as much response as an email link. Your email might get lost in their spam filter or they might be too busy to give you a review by the time they get your email.

Use a Review Service

There are many online review services that will simplify the process of collecting reviews for your company. Two are provided below.


GatherUp provides review services that start at $99/mo for as many as 3,500 clients. This includes the email (3,000/mo) as well as text (300/mo) options for collecting reviews.

An online review widget with your reviews from across the Internet can be displayed on your electrical company website. GatherUp provides robust reporting as well as online review monitoring.

GatherUp provides a 14-day no-cost trial.


Grade.US starts at $110/month and is geared toward marketing firms, but electrical contractors can sign up and manage it on their own as well. For an additional cost, you can send out up to 200 texts per month. Grade.Us also has code that you can put on your website to show off all of your customer reviews.

Grade.US also has a trial offer for a free trial for 14 days.

Fake Reviews

Real reviews will not be an issue if you've developed the right review collection method that employs the methods mentioned above. You won't feel the need to sneakily boost your quantity of reviews or your ratings.

Do not ever ask someone else to submit a fake review of your electrical services. Do not encourage those who have never been customers to post reviews on Google or other sites.

The FTC is in the process of penalizing fake reviews as they are a deceptive business practice. Don't permit your family members or friends to post reviews on your business.

Tricking the public with false feedback isn't limited to reviews. False endorsements, as simple as an easy "like" on Facebook are seen as deceptive business methods.

Incentivizing Reviews

You're not allowed to offer prizes or contests in exchange for reviews

Another method that is a no-no according to the FTC is to incentivize reviews. This could be a source of trouble for you not only with the FTC but also with the review platforms. Review platforms need to ensure that their reviews are genuine in order for people to continue using their site.

Your electrical contracting business can't provide any kickbacks or prizes, contests, or chances to win as part of leaving an online review. These strategies aren't necessary for a business that provides a high-quality service.

Online review monitoring

It's important to be responding to reviews as often as you can - and every week at a minimum for most businesses. Many of the review services mentioned earlier in this article offer review monitoring, making it simpler for you to know when you've received reviews from various review sites. You're going to have to consistently monitor and respond to customer reviews for your electrical company.

Electrical Contractors: How to Respond to Reviews

In general, you should respond to every person who leaves you a review. This shows that you are actively engaged and are open to comments from customers. It displays a level of care and willingness to accept feedback that a lot of your competitors likely won't have. It can serve as a very positive differentiator.

Reacting to Positive Reviews

These are easy to respond to. Everyone loves positive reviews. Thank them for their business and let them know what a pleasure it was to work with them.

The business owner or technician need not be the one who is responding to reviews. A team member can learn the proper way to submit a response.

Negative reviews should be addressed

Even if you're the best business owner and provide top-quality electrical work, you're still going to get negative reviews. Many customers can't be pleased no matter what you do. Bad reviews come with being a business owner.

It's good to know that a negative review isn't anything to worry about for your electrical services company if you respond to it accordingly. Shockingly, bad reviews are a good thing. If a business only has positive reviews, it could seem fake to potential clients.

Most consumers - around 90% according to Search Engine Land - don't worry too much if a company has occasional negative reviews as long as the business owner responds appropriately. People even sometimes alter negative reviews to be more favorable if the owner of the business responds appropriately to them.

Marketing Opportunity targeted at prospects

Though it may appear counterintuitive initially, when you respond to negative reviews of your electrical services, you must be focused more on your prospects than the customer who wrote the review. A customer leaving a negative review will likely never do business with you again. Therefore, your response to their review needs to be crafted with potential prospects in your mind.

If the reviewer is ranting and emotional in their bad review, it provides you with an opportunity to leave a good impression on prospects. Make sure you have a well-considered, rational, and well-thought-out reply. Make your situation as positive as possible. Be sure to show you care. Do not get into arguments with the reviewer.

Mistakes Leading to Bad Reviews

Your electrical company isn't perfect and will make mistakes leading to bad reviews on occasion. Take ownership of these errors. Be sorry for any miscommunications, and be considerate. If possible, make amends with the homeowner or business owner. Fix any problems with the electrical work.

Sometimes, negative reviews provide an opportunity to improve. Make sure the same mistakes don't occur in the future by addressing your processes. Don't get another negative review in the future from making the exact same mistake.

Perfect Job - And a Negative Review

These are admittedly the most difficult of circumstances to deal with. You've received a negative rating despite providing perfect service.

Thank the person who provided feedback and be understanding with them. If you can, attempt to talk to the person directly to arrive at a solution. Try to figure out if the customer misunderstood elements of the service and work it out offline.

Handling fake negative Reviews

According to some sources like, 4% of all online reviews are fake. I would bet that number is probably significantly higher. There is a very high probability you've received a fake testimonial from someone who was never your customer.

In many cases, unethical competitors even hire shady companies to give your business negative reviews.

If you're certain you're dealing with an fabricated negative review, you'll need to follow some steps:

1. Contact the Review Platform

Inform them that the reviewer wasn't a client of your electrical company.

Unfortunately, the review companies are notoriously unresponsive, and most likely won't take action based on your protest. Therefore, I suggest that you also:

2) Respond to the Review

If the review platform you use allows businesses to reply to reviews, do it. Make it clear in your reply that the reviewer wasn't ever a customer. Go on to mention that you take every possible step to make sure all of your customers are 100% satisfied and will work until you achieve that goal.

Best Reviews Platforms for Electrical Contractors

It is important to keep track of the reviews you receive about your electrical company through the various review platforms available online.

Reviews can be found online for your business by typing in the name of electrical business, and then the word "reviews". The picture below shows the results of my search for "electric doctor reviews" which is a Colorado based electrician.

As you can see below, the company is referenced on many other websites. Star ratings and reviews are provided on some of these websites. A quick summary of what we're seeing is shown below.

Electrical contractors can get google reviews by sending customers a link to your Google review page

Google Reviews

Google Business Profile Reviews (A - Above) is the most important place for you to collect reviews. More of your prospects will see these reviews than any other review website. Claim and build out your Google Business Profile listing and make it your mission to actively collect, monitor, and respond to reviews.

Yelp Reviews

(B) in the screenshot above. Yelp may is usually featured towards the top of the search results for electricians. You can see that a star rating is associated with the listing - meaning that prospects don't even have to click through to Yelp to get an idea of what reviewers think of your company.

Make sure to claim your Yelp business page and respond to user reviews.

HomeAdvisor and Reviews and Listings

(C) and (D) in the screenshot above. Your electrical company could also have listings and reviews for these sites. Your star rating appears right in the search results (just like Yelp). This makes it crucial that you keep an eye on your listings and provide excellent service.

Other Sites

(E) in the screenshot above is from When you see your business and it is listed on other sites like this, you'll want to claim your listing if possible. This applies to any websites that prospects might see. So that would mean any websites on the first page of results - and the second page of results just to be safe as the search results are constantly changing.

Other review websites you can discover when searching for your company may include:

  • Facebook

For each, make sure you claim your listing and monitor reviews

Local Services Ads Review

Electrical contractors can get google reviews by sending customers a link to your Google review page

Note that if your electrical company uses Local Services Ads, Google will send them a review link through the Local Services Ads platform - making it a convenient way to collect reviews. Be aware that these reviews are only available to Local Services Ads and won't be displayed on the Google Business Profile reviews. Be sure to collect your Google business Profile Reviews separately.

Online review management

As an electrician, your website will be listed on numerous websites that aren't under your control, like review websites. These sites won't allow you to eliminate your company from their listing.

Instead, think of these external review sites as another avenue to promote your business. Add your business's listing to all the major review sites. You should make it a point to reply to all reviews - both the positive and the negative.

Do your best to rectify any negative reviews posted by customers. Customers who are considering using your services can read the reviews you post and judge your professionalism. They will also be able to assess the manner in which you respond to difficult situations. You're going to get negative reviews, just respond calmly and reasonably.

If possible, keep the conflict off the Internet - never argue with your customers online.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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