Carpet Cleaning Keywords: List of 223 Keywords

Keywords for Your Carpet Cleaning Business

SEO (search engine optimization) and paid search advertising are two important Internet marketing elements for carpet cleaners.  Both require the use of relevant keywords to reach your intended audience. These keywords get your company in front of prospects as they conduct a local search on the major search engines for services that you offer.

A successful SEO campaign will require building unique content on your carpet cleaning website that is based on keywords that relate to the services that your carpet cleaning company provides.

Carpet cleaning search engine advertising involves creating pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to help you get your advertisement in front of a potential customer at the moment they’re searching for someone to clean their carpet.

Both strategies (SEO and Search Engine Advertising) are much more effective than social media at getting people to visit your small business website. Assuming you have an easy-to-navigate website design that is focused on conversion, you'll be able to turn someone searching for your services into a carpet cleaning lead.

Locate Your Own Keywords

In this article, I'll begin by discussing the tools and methods you can utilize to dig up additional keywords for your carpet cleaning marketing efforts.

Use Our Carpet Cleaning Keywords List

After the post, I give you 223 terms related to carpet cleaning services. Check it out and use what is relevant to your business.  Apply the keywords to your Google Ad and Microsoft Ads paid search marketing campaigns. Use these keywords as a starting point for SEO. These keywords can also be used for Local SEO. You'll want to use these keywords - when appropriate - in your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing and when submitting directory citations.

Keyword Research Tools

Searching for Keywords to Use in your carpet cleaning SEO and Paid Search Campaigns

It is important to note that in every instance, I use 1 seed keyword - such as "carpet cleaning". This is great for starters, but you’ll also want to plugin keywords based on phrases that customers use when they talk to you about services that they need.

Some examples might be “chemical-free carpet cleaning”, “wine stains on carpet”, “carpet cleaning no residue” might be example keywords for you to try.

Mangools KWFinder

KWFinder is a tool that is that starts at around $29/mo.  You can take advantage of their free 10 day trial.

With Mangools, you'll enter your search term, location, and language, and it will give you a variety of useful information for both SEO and PPC reasons. The actual numbers won't be 100% accurate (only Google has access to 100% accurate data about search queries). However, the information provided is a huge help in finding great keywords.

Mangools KWFinder results for "carpet cleaning"

In this case we selected "carpet cleaning" as our keyword and set our location as "Louisville, KY" (1). It will show Related Keywords (2). You'll want to research intent keywords - meaning closely analyze the keywords where the searcher's intent is to hire a carpet cleaning company - not to buy a carpet cleaner (like the Bissell Spot Clean in the results above).

Note that you can also toggle between "Autocomplete" or "Questions". Writing content for websites around Google Autocomplete or Questions is a fantastic SEO strategy. These are typically lower-volume keywords with little in the way of competition thus allowing you to bring in organic search engine visitors (for free) on your business site.

Keyword Table (Left Panel)

Keywords (2) - These are the keywords you may want to peruse and potentially use in paid search and SEO-related campaigns.

Search (3) - this is the monthly average volume of searches over the last twelve months based on the parameters of the search (searches for "carpet cleaning" for Louisville, KY). We can observe that approximately 1,700 per month, people search to find "carpet cleaning" in the Louisville area.

CPC (4) - this is an estimate of the cost per click for the keyword within Google Ads paid search. Again, using CPC, using the carpet cleaning example, you'll determine that the expected cost per click would be about $7.12. This is just an estimate of course, and the cost per click in your advertising campaign will vary widely based on many factors including your location and the position of the advertisement. But, based on the numbers, it's safe to say that bidding on "carpet cleaning" in an expected CPC of $7.12 will probably be more expensive than bidding for "carpet cleaning services" at $3.79.

PPC (5) - PPC shows how difficult the competition is for paid search ads.  100 is higher and indicates extremely competitive bidding.  0 indicates very little competition and likely much lower click costs.  Carpet cleaning has a lot of advertisers - which is why the PPC value is 95.  If  you’re bidding on carpet cleaning services, you can count on there being plenty of other advertisers bidding on the same keywords as you.

KD (6) - this is keyword difficulty and it serves as a SEO metric. For carpet cleaning, their keyword difficulty is 27 - which is “Still Easy”.  There really isn’t an “easy” way to rank any keyword.  You have to do great keyword research, have great content, and also have some backlinks from other websites.  These backlinks kind of serve like endorsements or votes for your site when it comes to the search engine rankings.

Keyword SEO Data (Right Panel)

The right-hand section contains SEO data for the term that is highlighted in the left panel. In this panel, we can see the keyword difficulty highlighted again (7) and The Search Engine Results Page (8) overview for the keyword based on our initial keyword search parameters. The top search result is held by This panel can provide you with great details about the companies you'll have to compete with should you attempt to rank for the chosen search term.

Export and Create Lists

You can make lists and export data from this interface to identify good keywords for your campaigns offline.


Ahrefs is heavy duty marketing tool that provides vast amounts of PPC and SEO data for keywords.

After signing up, you can navigate to the Keywords Explorer and enter a seed keyword. The keyword we've chosen is "carpet cleaning" (9) - and we kept default configurations of Google Search Engine and United States.

Enter your seed keyword into Keywords Explorer - then click on "Related Terms"

On the page with results, we click on "Related Terms" (10) to have a more detailed understanding of the keywords available.

Based on the data below it is clear that we have 11,212 potential keywords to choose from. You can save these keywords to an Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis.

ahrefs retrieves a large amount of valuable PPC and SEO information

Columns Explained: 

Keywords (11)  - A list of keywords you can utilize for SEO or Google Ads

KD (12) - ahrefs’ proprietary “keyword difficulty” measurement.  Higher numbers are much harder to rank than lower numbers. The KD is an exponential scale, ranking a KD60 keyword is much more than twice as hard as ranking a KD30 keyword.

Volume (13) - This is the monthly average search volume for the specified keyword according to the parameters used that we used in our original search.

CPC (14) - the estimated cost per click you should anticipate if you're running PPC ads for this keyword. Ahrefs bases this off Google data, however, as we've mentioned before, cost per click varies widely for each search.

SERP (15) - This is where you can see the search engine results for the keyword.  You’ll get to see your potential competitors should you try to create content around that keyword and try to rank high up in the search results.

Export (16) - You can export ahrefs data to run an offline analysis

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter was named something a bit racier, and was totally free - now it appears that they're moving it towards more of a paid model. You still can get some free data out of the tool, however.

The tool will provide you a list of Google autocomplete suggestions based on keywords that you have entered. In this case, using "Keyword Ideas Tools," tab (17) with the default settings for search (18) I entered "carpet cleaning" as a keyword" (19) then clicked the "Sheet Keywords" button (20). You can also apply positive and negative filters to further refine your search results.

Keyword Sheeter provides results that are based on Google Autocomplete

At the moment you are able to copy the results into a spreadsheet. Subscriptions start at $9 a month.

Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

Google Ads has a keyword planner tool that you can use for doing keyword research. Check out our article (coming soon) about Google Ads for Carpet Cleaning companies.

If you've already signed up for Google Ads, you can access Google's Keyword Planner by going to "Tools and Settings" (21), and after that, selecting "Keyword Planner" (22)

Accessing the Google Keyword Planner

When you're inside the keyword planner, you'll go to “Start with Keywords”. Input as many carpet cleaning services you can think of (24) In this case, we entered "carpet cleaning" as an example, but you’ll add many more keywords.. When you're ready to go on, click the "Get Results" button (25).

Seeding keywords in Google's Keyword Planner

As you look below, you’ll see Google comes up with 729 keyword ideas (26). In the table, you will find keyword suggestions (27), average monthly search results for every keyword idea (28), and top-of-page bidding information (29) and (30).

Broaden your results by selecting a keywords suggested by Google (31).  You can also refine keywords or download your results by clicking on the corresponding link in the upper right hand part of the interface (32).

Keyword Planner produces keyword ideas for "carpet cleaning"

If you’d like, Google will automatically insert selected keywords right into your Google Ads campaigns. 

Carpet Cleaning Keywords to Use in Paid Campaigns and SEO

Based on experience and using several of the tools mentioned above, here is a start-up set of 223 keywords to think about using for any of the carpet cleaning paid campaigns along with SEO. When used effectively, these terms can drive leads to your cleaning business.

This isn't a comprehensive list. You should conduct your own keyword analysis to find keywords that make sense for your carpet cleaning business.

Keyword Qualifiers

Remember that for paid-search campaigns, you will want to include qualifiers for some of the words below.

Location Keyword Qualifiers

For instance, lots of people use search terms like "near my home", "my area" or their location (e.g. "Deep carpet cleaning Boston"). So, for certain keywords you could want to include cities you serve (or the "near to me" qualifier.

Price Qualifiers

Many searches contain "cost" or "price" in their search. If you share detailed pricing or cost details for specific services - and can easily justify the price, then you may wish to add these qualifiers to your keywords. Be wary of people looking for prices, they may only care about price rather than the service you offer, making them less than ideal customers.

Negative Keywords

Many of the terms below are. If you do not offer the service or product you should make it an unpopular keyword. For more information on negative keywords, check out our separate post that is coming up that will discuss negative keywords for carpet cleaning.

Emergency Keywords

  • same day carpet cleaning service near me

Deep Carpet Cleaning Keywords

  • carpet deep cleaning
  • carpet deep cleaning service
  • carpet deep cleaning services
  • deep carpet cleaning
  • deep carpet cleaning service
  • deep carpet cleaning services
  • deep carpet cleaning services near me

General Carpet Cleaning Keywords

  • carpet and cleaning services
  • carpet and floor cleaning companies
  • carpet and floor cleaning service
  • carpet care services
  • carpet clean
  • carpet clean service
  • carpet cleaner
  • carpet cleaner companies
  • carpet cleaner company
  • carpet cleaner number
  • carpet cleaner people
  • carpet cleaner person
  • carpet cleaner service
  • carpet cleaning
  • carpet cleaning agencies
  • carpet cleaning agency
  • carpet cleaning around me
  • carpet cleaning cleaning
  • carpet cleaning com
  • carpet cleaning companies
  • carpet cleaning company
  • carpet cleaning contractors
  • carpet cleaning firms
  • carpet cleaning places
  • carpet cleaning service
  • carpet cleaning services
  • carpet cleaning specialist
  • carpet sanitizing service
  • carpet service
  • carpet services
  • carpet stain cleaning service
  • clean carpet
  • clean carpet care
  • clean carpet cleaner
  • clean my carpet
  • cleaning carpet
  • cleaning carpet services
  • cleaning carpets
  • commercial cleaning company
  • commercial cleaning service
  • company carpet cleaning
  • deep clean carpet
  • deep cleaning carpet
  • domestic carpet cleaning
  • dry carpet cleaning services
  • find carpet cleaners
  • good carpet cleaning companies
  • good carpet cleaning company
  • office cleaning

Price Related Keywords

  • carpet cleaning quote
  • cheap carpet cleaning services
  • professional carpet cleaning

Near Me Keywords

  • carpet clean near me
  • carpet cleaner near me
  • carpet cleaners in my area
  • carpet cleaners near me
  • carpet cleaners near me now
  • carpet cleaners nearby
  • carpet cleaning companies in my area
  • carpet cleaning companies near me
  • carpet cleaning company near me
  • carpet cleaning near me
  • carpet cleaning near my location
  • carpet cleaning nearby
  • carpet cleaning places near me
  • carpet cleaning prices near me
  • carpet cleaning service near me
  • carpet cleaning services in my area
  • carpet cleaning services near me
  • carpet service near me
  • carpet services near me
  • cleaning carpet company near me
  • cleaning near me
  • find carpet cleaners near me
  • hot water extraction carpet cleaning near me
  • local carpet cleaners
  • local carpet cleaning
  • local carpet cleaning companies
  • local carpet cleaning company
  • local carpet cleaning service
  • local carpet cleaning services
  • need a carpet cleaner
  • need carpet cleaned
  • one room carpet cleaning
  • places that clean carpets
  • single room carpet cleaning
  • who cleans carpets

Ratings Keyword

  • highest rated carpet cleaning companies
  • looking for carpet cleaners
  • reputable carpet cleaning services
  • carpet cleaner company ratings

Rug Keywords

  • rug cleaner company near me
  • rug cleaner near me
  • rug cleaners near me
  • rug cleaning companies near me
  • rug cleaning company
  • rug cleaning near me
  • rug cleaning services
  • rug cleaning services near me

Wash Keywords

  • carpet wash near me
  • carpet washing
  • carpet washing company
  • carpet washing service
  • carpet washing services

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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