Business Cards for Landscaping

It is Old School - But You Still Need a Business Card for Your Landscaping Business

Most landscapers are masters of their craft—but few consider the importance of promotional practices like running a website or having a business card.

In an increasingly interconnected and competitive market, landscapers must have consistent and effective marketing strategies.

However, many simply don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, marketing success in landscaping is relatively simple. A widespread study of promotional practices in landscaping found word-of-mouth to be the most effective marketing strategy.

Word-of-mouth is easy and cost-effective—when executed properly—and the best place to begin is with a business card.

This guide offers everything you need to know about business cards for landscaping companies and entrepreneurs, so you can start promoting yourself right away.

The Basics of Business Cards

Business cards have been one of the primary marketing strategies throughout most of history.

A business card consists of a small stock paper, plastic, or cardboard cutout printed with an individual’s name and contact information.

Business cards first appeared in 16th-century China and were later used in 17th-century Europe. Though simple, they have continued to serve an essential purpose: connecting small businesses with prospective clients.

Sometimes, the most straightforward strategy is the best one.

Why Are Business Cards Important?

Business cards represent the foundation of networking, and networking is the secret to longevity in business.

According to research, business cards remain one of the most effective means of informing others about your business and building the relationships that lead to visibility—and revenue.

To that end, business cards ensure strong business and personal connections.

A business card can:

  • Spread the word about your business
  • Serve as a reminder of you and your business
  • Facilitate referrals between customers
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Do I Need a Business Card?

Sometimes you may wonder if people still use business cards. The answer is yes. And you need a business card if you are a landscaper with your own small business.

You may also want a business card if you work for someone else but plan to strike out on your own—or seek alternative employment prospects.

No matter your current situation, having a card can help you build and maintain lasting relationships with others in your industry. Additionally, it can ensure meaningful connections with prospective clients, partners, employers, and even friends.

Ultimately, business cards are valuable for most entrepreneurs and independent workers.

Preparing to Design Your Business Card

There are several essential steps to take before designing your business card.

For example, you may wish to confirm your future living arrangements to ensure accurate contact information, or you might want to hire someone to design a logo for your business.

Consider the following as you begin planning your design.

Research Business Card Designs

Begin by learning more about business card design rules and finding examples of business cards you like.

You can find examples of business cards for landscaping on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media websites.

According to famous business card designer Vista Print, the golden rules of business card design are:

  • Find a landscaping business card template
  • Find a clear and consistent typeface (font)
  • Determine size and shape
  • Organize your contact information clearly
  • Use the reverse side for appointment reminders or customer points
  • Leave some white space—don’t clutter your design
  • Proofread carefully
  • Include a call to action to get clients to call you!

Develop Your Brand

Every business needs a brand.

A landscape business should project consistency, reliability, honesty, affordability, and aesthetic taste. Consider how you can best showcase these qualities in your logo, branded colors, and imagery.

Choose your branded colors based on the image you wish to project. Many landscapers choose green and blue palettes to mimic the colors of nature but feel free to get creative.

Remember that simplicity is essential when developing your brand because you want your imagery to remain consistent.

Consider hiring a graphic designer to make a logo for your brand if needed. Common lawn care logos include:

  • Business names or initials
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Symbols
  • Nature-related imagery

Determine Your Budget

Business cards can cost between $25 and $200 for 100 cards, depending on the card stock.

Determine how much you can spend on your business cards—and stick to your budget!

Most websites will try to upsell you by suggesting you purchase additional frills, like gold trim or rounded edges.

Additionally, different materials cost different amounts.

While cardstock is relatively cheap, plastic or metal cards will cost significantly more.

Decide ahead of time if you want extra details on your business card.

What Goes On a Business Card?

There are several essential elements that you should include on your business card.

Before you begin designing your card—or commission someone else to do it for you—ensure that you have a clear idea of your personal brand, target market, contact information, and budget.

Once you are ready, consider the following common elements for business cards.

Your Branded Colors

Your colors should reflect the character of your landscaping business.

Choose between two and five colors to avoid visual overwhelm, and consider using neutral tones or colors that connote the outdoors, like green, yellow, and blue.

Your Logo

Your logo should be the only imagery on your business card (unless you include a picture of yourself). This ensures that your potential customer remains focused on the practical elements of your card.

If you have a logo, remember to include it. However, if you do not have a logo, don’t worry. Some business card suppliers will allow you to design one on the card; however, many landscaping businesses do well without logos.

Your Contact Information

Remember to display your contact information clearly and choose a font color and style that contributes to readability.

Ultimately, your business card exists to convey your contact information, so it should be relatively easy to read.


  • Your name
  • Your business address
  • Your business phone number (cell optional)
  • Your email and website.

Your Social Media Handles

Many landscapers choose to include their social media accounts on their business cards.

Although not a bad idea, this isn’t necessary for your card. Many small businesses do well without social media accounts; if your contact information is displayed, potential clients should have no issue reaching you.

A QR Code

QR codes are recent additions to business card design—but they can allow clients to connect with you more quickly by scanning your code with their phone cameras.

Consider including a QR code to direct potential customers to your website or assorted links.

A Portrait

Some landscapers choose to include a picture of themselves on their cards.

This allows prospective customers to connect your name to your face, improving the likelihood that they will remember you.

However, photographs are not necessary, so choose at your discretion.

Putting It All Together: Design and Print!

To design your business cards for landscaping, simply follow the steps below.

First, determine whether you will hire an independent graphic designer or use a business card design website like VistaPrint.

Once you have selected your option, the rest is easy.

You can choose from many templates, and several websites have landscaping business card templates to adapt to your specific needs.

Then, choose your colors.

Lastly, add your contact information, logo, and any additional information. The website will prompt you to complete your design and pay—and you will receive your cards in the mail!


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