Landscaping Business Flyers

A Relatively Inexpensive Way to Get the Attention of Prospects

For those who have a love for the outdoors and thrive in situations where the sun is bright and warm and shining down on their face, opening up their own landscaping business is a great career opportunity. Getting a company started is one thing, but then the owners must begin building a customer base.

One of the most budget-friendly ways they can do this is through landscaping business flyers. It is an easy process that they can complete in many different ways. To help them boost their advertising without the expense of a bulletin board, we outline various lawn care flyer options to use.

What Should Go on Lawn Care Flyers?

When a company is getting its start on the market, they want to do the best it can to reel in a potential customer. Therefore, they need to ensure that they have the correct information on their flyer design to make for an effortless experience for those they consider to be prospects.

Landscape business flyers should contain the following information, all of which is critical to securing a customer.

  • The business name
  • Contact information
  • Areas that the company serves
  • A headline or call to action
  • Eye-catching design
  • A snippet about any promotions, discounts or specials taking place

Additionally, these advertisements should display the exact services that the company provides. If a person sees just a lawn mowing flyer, they will assume that is the only service the business offers. Therefore, if staff performs other services such as trimming, weeding, mulching, planting, or more, that needs to go on the ad specifically.

What Should Not Go on a Flyer Design?

When it comes to the perfect landscaping flyer, the business owner wants to ensure that they have all of the critical information to drive in prospects while not overcrowding the design. Having all of the details mentioned above is essential. However, they also want a look that isn’t overly wordy and cluttered.

When a person places too much information on one document, those who receive it are more likely to get overwhelmed at seeing such a significant amount of jargon in one place. Instead of taking the time to read, the flyer or postcard will likely end up in the trash or collecting dust on a table.

What Type of Writing Goes On Landscaping Business Flyers?

When it comes to the tone and content a business includes on their lawn care flyers, they want to consider wording that excites the potential customer and grabs their attention. Using generic phrases won’t garner a second glance. However, favorable and relatable terms will capture their time for longer.

In addition to the above, the creator wants to ensure that the copy is free of errors. Therefore, all landscaping business flyers must be double-checked for typos and grammar mistakes before being sent out or posted on a neighbor’s door.

Another aspect that the creator will want to pay attention to is the style of font used, which will be covered in the section below.

What Makes an Attractive Flyer?

As the business owner begins to create their lawn care flyer, they may find themselves second guessing what makes the document attractive to existing customers and prospective ones. To simplify the process, they can utilize a flyer template that lays out all the necessary information within a tasteful display.

It’s possible to find an affordable or free flyer template online that you can adjust to fit a business's needs. Many have places where you can incorporate a company logo or tagline, and the creator can modify the text boxes to provide specific information related to the business.

While companies can create landscaping business flyers on their own, using a flyer template ensures that the layout is suitable for bringing optimal attention. Having the correct structure aligns with bringing in maximum returns.

Therefore, passing out an attractive flyer with the correct layout means the likelihood of existing customers returning and gaining prospects is higher.

What Should Be Avoided on a Flyer Design?

While it is crucial to have landscaping business flyers that catch a person's attention, too much can cause the opposite effect. As an example, having color is a benefit when it comes to flyer design. However, having competing shades and an overabundance can turn a potential customer away.

Additionally, it’s necessary to avoid cartoon-style fonts. While it can be tempting to experiment with the many options available, they can be challenging to read or take up too much space on the flyer. The last thing a business needs is to be pushed away for using the wrong font.

Should Flyers Be Glossy or Matte?

When looking at the difference between glossy and matte materials, you will notice that one has a shiny appearance while the other possesses a flat and even look. Although glossy flyers can easily catch people's eyes due to their polished finish, they aren’t always the recommendation for promotional materials.

The fact of the matter is that matte paper is more durable. Having a heavier weight means it is less likely to rip while individuals distribute them by hand, in stores, or even through the mail. Additionally, the thickness of the matte material means that it can hold more information and ink, which allows the business owner to use more liberties in the creative process.

Can Businesses Legally Pass Out Flyers?

The legality of passing out landscaping business flyers, or commercial materials in general, has gone back and forth throughout the years. Initially, it was under the protection of free speech, although that was disputed in 1942 and no longer allowed.

Some years later, the issue came back up in the United States Supreme Court. In 1976 the courts came upon a decision that commercial needs were to be under the umbrella of free speech in order to allow consumers the ability to make an informed decision on all fronts.

Because of this change, companies can now legally pass out their landscaping business flyers without hesitation or worry of legal trouble.

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