Top 13 Landscaping Business Forums

Places to Connect with Other Landscaping Business Owners

Fresh ideas can take your landscaping business far. What better way to get advice and inspiration than to turn to fellow business owners? Thanks to the internet, connecting with other lawn care industry professionals is easier than ever.

Whether you want to ask a question, find inspiration for a project, or compare your pricing to what other landscapers charge, these landscaping business forums are worth checking out.

Landscaping Business Owners (Facebook Group)

This private Facebook group has been around since 2017. With thousands of users, there are always some interesting discussions about the latest landscaping trends.

It’s an active group where you can expect responses fast, and the fact that it’s private makes it ideal for sharing potentially sensitive information. You’re free to discuss what to bid on jobs, ask how to deal with customer complaints, or share your financial concerns.

This online community is one of the best landscaping business forums. It uses different categories to keep topics clearly organized, which allows you to learn about topics of interest or reach out to business owners or employees with knowledge in a specific area.

You’ll find helpful resources for maintaining your lawn care equipment and learn more about finding potential customers through digital marketing. There is also a section dedicated to small business questions where you can explore topics like taxes, payroll, accounting, and more.

Plus, there is a section dedicated to snow and ice removal. With prices ranging from $25 to $75 an hour, adding snow removal to your list of services could help your business grow.

This landscaping forum is an excellent resource for developing a better understanding of industry practices.

You’ll find professionals and hobbyists among the users, but everyone shares the same passion for landscaping.

It’s one of the best landscaping business forums for learning about organic lawn care practices, identifying plants, designing efficient irrigation systems, and more. Lawn care has no secrets for this community, and you’ll become an expert in no time.

Landscaping and Designing Ideas (Facebook Group)

If you’re in search of inspiration for a landscaping project, look no further than this Facebook group.

It’s a popular place for sharing images of your latest landscaping design. You’ll see content from contractors who work on residential and commercial projects, posts with landscaping news, educational content about plants, and more.

It’s also a great community for keeping up with the latest landscaping trends that might be popular among residents in your areas, like fire pits or outside lighting.

r/Entrepreneur (Reddit)

This subreddit isn’t specific to landscaping businesses, but it’s a worthwhile resource for any business owner. The advantage of this community is that you can get an outside perspective and learn from entrepreneurs who have experience in different industries.

You can discuss cash flow, taxes, advertising, bidding, and much more. The number of active users is high, and you’ll often see posts that are specifically about landscaping businesses.

It’s also a great resource for anyone looking to start a landscaping business. You can learn from experienced entrepreneurs about topics like financing, insurance, or creating a business plan.

Contractor Talk

Working as a contractor comes with some unique challenges, from generating leads to bidding on jobs. This forum is a great resource for those who are new to navigating this process. The focus is broader than landscaping, but there is a subsection dedicated to lawn care professionals.

You’ll find business owners asking for advice regarding a landscaping design, but users are also sharing bids to get feedback from more experienced contractors.

Lawn Mower Forum

A professional-grade mower represents a significant upfront investment for landscape business owners. Lawn Mower Forum is all about professional lawn mowers.

You can learn about different brands, compare models, ask for recommendations, and find information about maintenance and repairs. It’s a go-to resource if you’re thinking about replacing your mower.

National Gardening Association

Did you know that 67% of young adults have an interest in growing edible plants? Branching out and offering additional services like edible or square-foot gardening could be a smart move.

The National Gardening Association’s official forum is a valuable resource for learning more about edible plants and best gardening practices. You can also discuss trends like rock gardens, pond designs, or xeriscaping.

Landscape Juice Network

Landscape Juice Network is an online community launched by a professional organization based in the UK. A majority of the users are in the UK, and some of the information about taxes and regulations won’t apply to a US business owner.

However, this forum allows you to connect with thousands of experienced landscapers. You’ll find some advice on the more technical aspects of the job, such as hedge trimming, stump grinding, landscaping design, and more.

r/Landscaping (Reddit)

This fun and laidback community is a popular subreddit for users with an interest in landscaping. It’s fairly active, and you can find a wide range of content from professionals showing their latest landscaping projects to homeowners sharing a picture of their property after adding some new plants.

This subreddit is ideal if you want to relax and interact with people who share your passion, but it’s also a helpful resource for keeping an eye on the latest landscaping trends homeowners are embracing.

Gardening Forum

This friendly community is all about gardening. You can learn more about different types of plants or explore topics like composting and greenhouse gardening.

Most users aren’t professionals, but you’ll learn many gardening secrets, discover new plants to incorporate into your designs, and keep up with the latest sustainability trends.


This popular home improvement forum is home to an active community of DIY enthusiasts. You’ll find some experienced contractors along with homeowners looking for advice.

DIYChatroom is an excellent place for contractors looking to diversify their services and offer minor repairs. It’s also a place where you can ask for advice regarding specific projects that include tasks outside your usual skill set.

Houzz Message Board

Houzz is a popular destination for content about DIY projects and landscaping. The site has a message board where you can ask questions about home upgrades, but there is a subsection dedicated to landscaping topics.

Most users are homeowners. However, checking this message board regularly will give you an idea of the top pain points your customers might be experiencing.

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