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Places to Turn for Landscaping Industry Information

There are so many podcasts available on a wide array of different platforms to help business owners and landscaping professionals become educated and adept at running successful businesses and increasing profitability. If you’re just interested in learning helpful tips related to landscaping and lawn care, there are many interesting and informative podcasts for you as well.

Below is a list of a few relevant podcasts with some great content that may be just be what you’re looking for:

Green Industry Podcast

The Green Industry Podcast is hosted by Paul Jamison, who is also an author and a private coach, who helps train lawn & landscape business owners and professionals learn a variety of different strategies to grow their businesses and maximize their profit gains. Podcast has new episodes every weekday and can be found on all major platforms.

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Kid Contractor Podcast

This podcast has become one of the most popular ones out there for contractors. Caleb, also known as “The Kid”, and his wife, Brittany, have over 20 years of experience in the landscaping industry with a very successful seven figure business. In their weekly podcasts, they share their experiences and wisdom to encourage and empower listeners to reach and exceed their goals.

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Lawn and Landscape Radio Network

Keep informed about all of the latest news and trends in the green landscaping industry with over 120 episodes.

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Landscape Disrupters

If you want to listen and learn anything and everything related to landscaping, this is your podcast. Brand new episodes air weekly with topics that range from profitability and industry trends to marketing and technology. Episodes are hosted by Mark “The Boss” Bradley and Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek.

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Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast

This podcast is hosted by coaches, Scott and Kati Molchan, whose goal it is to advise landscape company owners about various techniques and processes that will help push their annual profits past the one million dollar mark. There are over 200 episodes to help keep you motivated for many hours, even days and weeks!

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The Landscaping Podcast

Joel Barnett of InStyle Gardens, and also a landscaper, hosts this weekly podcast and speaks with landscape designers, builders, garden and nursery professionals, and everyone related to the landscaping industry. The average length of each podcast is approximately 51 minutes.

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Yard Coach Podcast

Join Yard Coach Matt once a week as he offers helpful tricks of the trade to improve the health and attractiveness of your yard. If you want to try and get some DIY landscape design projects done around the garden, Coach Matt has many informational tidbits and advice to pass along. Each episode averages about 23 minutes.

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The Commercial Landscaper Podcast

Hosted by Dave Anderson and Robert Clinkenbeard, the Commercial Landscaper Podcast helps business owners change their mindset in order to take their businesses to the next level of success. Episodes air once per week and are typically 25 minutes long.

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The Limitless Landscapers Podcast

Paula and Charlotte from the Landscaper’s Circle host this lively podcast with a lot of advice, laughter, and guidance for landscape designers, business owners and hobbyists alike to achieve success and gain valuable information at the same time. Each weekly episode is 21 minutes in length.

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The Landscape Nerd

Each episode is designed to share stories about people and landscapes in an educational format while expanding the landscape nerd community.

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