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Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date about industry changes or you need to advertise your lawn care business, lawn care magazines can help you out.

Though many organizations have decided to forgo magazines as they drop in popularity, magazines still in print continue to be a great way to stay on the pulse for recent information about suppliers, management practices, and legislation changes. 

Here is a list of lawn care magazines and subscriptions you can subscribe to stay in the loop about lawn care and landscaping. 

Landscape Management Magazine

Landscape Management Magazine is released on the first of each month. It specializes in irrigation, snow and ice management, turf and plant care, yard maintenance, and landscape design.

It also includes advice on running a landscaping business and reviews of yard equipment, which can help you decide what to buy to meet your needs and how to optimize your business practices.

They have opportunities available for advertising and digital and paper magazine subscriptions available.

Green Industry Pro Magazine

Green Industry Pro offers a magazine that covers up-to-date information on running a lawn business, lawn care, landscaping, and tree and ornamental care. Green Industry Pro is less about the business side of landscaping and more about lawn maintenance and lawn mowing. 

They also offer advertising opportunities if your target audience includes those in the landscaping industry. 

Total Landscape Care 

Total Landscape Care is targeted to lawn and landscape contractors. Each edition offers information and advice on business management, equipment, lawn maintenance, and design.

The magazine also offers a ‘Workforce’ section that contains information for lawn care management to better hire, keep, and support their workers. 

Total Landscape Care Magazine offers a completely free subscription and will send curated information to your inbox. 

Turf Magazine

Turf Magazine covers more than just grass and turf. Their monthly subscription includes updates on landscaping design trends, small lawn care business advice, and equipment information and reviews. 

In the winter, Turf Magazine mixes it up and covers snow and ice management techniques, tips for running a plowing business, and wintertime machinery. 

Landscape Architecture Magazine

The Landscape Architecture Magazine advertises itself as ‘the magazine of the American Society of Landscape architects.’ This magazine is perfect for those that want more information about design and architecture ideas and landscaping techniques.

This magazine also includes lots of information on recent large-scale landscaping projects. This information may inspire you for your landscaping projects.

Landscape Business

Landscape Business has a newsletter geared toward those running lawn care companies or landscaping businesses.

You can subscribe to get the latest information on industry news. This newsletter offers more technical details about the landscaping industry, such as information about recent mergers, supplier updates, or changes in legislation that may affect lawn contractors.

As a newsletter, Landscape Business is available entirely for free.

Heart and Soil Magazine

Heart and Soil Magazine is a magazine that focuses on sustainable farming practices and soil regeneration techniques. If you’re doing extensive landscaping and want to learn how to minimize your impact on the environment, this magazine may have advice that can help. 

If you’re not sure you want to subscribe but you want some initial information, Heart and Soil Magazine offers one free issue per new subscriber. You can cancel anytime you want. 

Lawn and Landscape

Lawn and Landscape offers a magazine that is an excellent resource for news and business information for lawn professionals. They also have a newsletter that can be customized, so you only get the information that is most relevant to you. 

This magazine also has the latest scoop on industry news and supplier news, like mergers and acquisitions, technology, and landscaping events.

Lawn and Landscape also offers resources on its website, such as webinars, podcasts, and videos. 

Pro Landscaper

Pro Landscaper is a UK-based magazine that provides information on the latest UK innovations in landscaping and lawn care services. In addition to horticulture news and information, this publication has information on getting into landscaping and gardening careers. 

They have an online subscription to their online news article as well as a paper copy of each edition. 

Landscape Ecology

Landscape Ecology is a publication that puts together research articles on the ecological effects of landscaping. This publication is perfect if you’re looking for a publication that will give you information about how to landscape in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

As well as advice on ecologically protective landscaping, Landscape Ecology features analyses of the environmental impacts of current landscaping practices. The journal is published every month and is available for free.

Because Landscape Ecology is an academic publication, it does not have advertising space. There is also no hard copy available for purchase.

Hardscape Magazine

Hardscape Magazine is geared toward contractors that work on the ‘hard’ parts of landscaping, such as brick and driveway laying. Even for those that work in grass landscaping, this magazine can provide inspiration and ideas for layouts that include pathways and other brick features.

You can’t go wrong with a subscription to Hardscape Magazine because it is free to contractors and industry suppliers if you fill out their form. 

Hardscape offers advice on creating the best possible landscaping, running an effective landscaping business, and reviewing new equipment and supplies.

If you are interested in keeping up with consumer trends- such as popular design ideas and brick colors- this magazine is a great way to stay on top of the competition in your area. 

Hardscape has advertising space available for purchase in each addition for those that are looking to advertise their company to landscapers. 

Parks and Rec Business

The Parks and Rec Business magazine is a great option for anyone that works in the parks and recreation business. It offers advice on sustainability and best practices for the parks industry. Their goal is to provide solutions for problems often unique to parks and recreation and other land management workers. 

Though this magazine is geared toward parks and recreation officials, directors, administration, and staff, the advice is often applicable to anyone that works in the outdoor industry. Subscriptions are free, so ordering a magazine to take a look at is completely risk-free.

Parks and Rec also offers advertising space, ideal for those trying to reach parks and recreation buyers in the United States.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living is available for free. It covers the latest design trends, from popular patio tiles to the newest looks for outdoor living spaces. Outdoor Living is geared more toward trendy consumers and design specialists than lawn industry professionals.

 This magazine isn't the greatest choice if you are an industry professional looking for business information. Still, it may provide insights about your customers and inspiration for your next project. 

While Outdoor Living may not be the best place for industry news, placing an ad in this magazine may be a great choice if you are a contractor trying to reach new customers. They have advertising space available for purchase in each newsletter. 

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (BHG) is written for the average homeowner and consumer. However, it is often full of great information and ideas for landscaping and gardening. This magazine covers everything from kitchen design to pest control and will put you in touch with what your average customer is looking for.

You may also be able to advertise in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine if you believe you are fit for their nationwide audience, though running an ad in a nationally recognized magazine like BHG is likely very expensive. 

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