Keywords for Painting Contractors: List of 394 Keywords

Painting Keywords Overview

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in addition to paid search advertising are the two essential components in effectively marketing your painting business on the Internet. Both require relevant keywords to reach your targeted people.

A successful SEO campaign for painting contractors is based on the creation of original content around keywords that relate to the services that your painting company offers. Local SEO involves getting your company to rank high up on the search results page for searches related to your services. The goal is also to get your Business Profile Listing (formerly Google My Business) listed prominently in the Google Map when a potential client conducts a local search related to your service offerings.

Search engine advertising on Microsoft and Google involves the creation of PPC campaigns that will get your advertisement in front of a potential customer at the exact moment they're seeking your painting services. As an example, a potential customer will search for "professional painter for living room", and a Google Ad will appear for your company. When a potential client clicks on the ad, they're taken to your painting website.

Both digital marketing strategies can increase traffic to your company website where you'll be able to convert a lead into a paying customer.

Search for Your Personal Keywords

I will first go over the methods and tools that you can use yourself to find more keywords to add to both your SEO and paid search digital marketing campaigns. Using these keywords can improve the overall online presence of your small business.

Use our Search Keyword List

At the end of this post, I'll give you 394 terms related to painting services that you can review, modify and apply to your own paid search campaigns. It is also possible to use these keywords for SEO in order to attract more customers to your website.

Keyword Research Tools for Painting Contractors

SEO and Paid Search Campaigns: Finding the Right Keywords

Notice that in every example I'm using a single seed keyword - such as "house painters". While this is a good starting point, you'll have to dig deeper into your painting services when using these keyword tools.

For example, you’ll also want to plug in terms like “interior painters”, “painting contractors near me”.  The more research you perform, the better the chances are that you’ll get great keywords that can bring in more business.

Mangools KW Finder

This is a paid tool that costs around $29/month, but they do have a 10-day free trial.

With Mangools it is possible to input your keyword, your location, and language.  KWFinder will return great keywords and associated data for both SEO and PPC purposes. Although the actual figures provided by KWFinder won't be 100% accurate(only Google has access to 100% accurate data about search queries), the data will aid you in focusing on the most relevant keywords.

Using Mangools KWFinder to Find Painting Keywords

Mangools Results of KWFinder for "house painters"

In this instance, we selected "house painters" as our keyword. We then set our location as "Pittsburgh, PA" (1). In default, it displays Related Keywords (2).

It is also possible to toggle to "Autocomplete" or "Questions". Writing content for websites around Google Autocomplete or Questions is an excellent SEO strategy. These are generally lower volume keywords with less competition, thus allowing easier options for you to gain organic website traffic (free) to your company web page.

Keyword Table (Left Panel)

Beneath our search are the keywords returned in the keyword table

Keywords (2) - these are the keywords that you might want to consider for use in paid search as well as SEO campaigns.

Search (3) - this is the average monthly search volume over the last 12 months based on the parameters used to search (searches for "house painters" in Pittsburgh, PA). It is evident that about 180 people each month search on "house painters" in Pittsburgh.

CPC (4) - this is an estimate of the cost per click of the keyword that if you’re using Googel Ads. If you use this house painters example, you'll see that the estimated cost per click could be about $5.68. This is only an estimate and the cost per click in your advertising campaign can vary greatly according to a myriad of factors including your location and the position of the advertisement. In the light of the data, it is fair to say that bidding on "house painters" in Pittsburgh an expected CPC of $5.68 will likely be much more expensive than bidding on "cost to paint a house" with a CPC of $4.14.

PPC (5) - PPC shows how difficult the competition is for paid search ads.  100 is higher and indicates extremely competitive bidding.  0 indicates very little competition and likely much lower click costs.  The 75 value indicates that there are a lot of advertisers bidding on the house painters keyword in PIttsburgh.

KD (6) - It is “keyword difficulty”, and serves as a SEO metric. For our house painting keyword, the difficulty is 38 - they say is "Possible" meaning that it is a difficult task to rank near the top of the search results, but it is possible. The higher the difficulty, the more challenging it will be to rank near the top of search results. To check the keyword difficulty for other keywords that aren’t shown, you'll have to click on the magnifying glass.

Keyword SEO Data (Right Panel)

The right-hand panel is comprised of SEO information for the keyword which is highlighted in left-hand panel. In this panel, we can see the difficulty of the keyword highlighted (7) as well as the Search Engine Results Page (8) overview for the keyword. Note that the top-ranking website is This panel gives you great information about the companies you'll face should you choose to try to rank for your chosen search term.

Compile list data and export your results

You can make lists and export data through this interface. You can take all the data you see here and analyze with your own analysis tools (like spreadsheets).


Ahrefs is a keyword research tool that is very popular with marketing agencies.  It unfortunately doesn’t offer a free trial.

To do keyword research, navigate to the keywords explorer and enter a seed keyword. We've entered the keyword "painters" (9) and we’re using the default settings of Google as our search engine, and the United States as the search location, as you see below.

Using arhefs to Find Painting Keywords

Enter the seed keyword in Keywords Explorer - then click on "Related Terms"

From the results page we click on "Related Terms" (10) to get a better understanding of the keywords available.

Based on the data below, we can see that we have 1,583 potential keywords to select from. You could save these keywords to an Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis in your preferred spreadsheet.

ahrefs painting keywords for contractors

ahrefs Presents us with a Large Amount of Valuable PPC and SEO information

This is a brief overview of the columns in the results and what they mean:

Keywords (11) - A listing of keywords you can utilize for SEO or Google Ads

KD (12) - the difficulty of keywords.  This is a proprietary metric ahrefs uses to determine how difficult it is to rank for that given keyword. Higher KD number keywords are more difficult to rank than lower numbers. The KD is on a logarithmic scale. This means it is more than twice as difficult to get a KD 20 keyword to rank as it is to get a KD10 keyword to rank.

Volume (13) - the average monthly search volume for the given keyword - based on the parameters of the search in our original search.

CPC (14) - This is the approximate cost per visit you can anticipate if you're running PPC ads for this keyword. ahrefs bases this on Google data, however, cost per click varies widely with each search location and ad position

SERP (15) - Clicking this will show you the top results for the keyword.  It is a good way to get a look at your competition should you try to rank for the given keyword.

Export (16) - It is possible to export ahrefs data for offline analysis

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter was called something a little bit more racy in the past.  It was also a free keyword tool.  Now it appears that they're moving to more of a paid model, but you can still at least check it out for free.

What it does is give you a list of Google autocomplete options based on the keyword that you input. Below, we selected  "Keywords Idea Tools" (17) and used the default settings (18) for search.  I entered the keyword I wanted to see more keyword ideas for - "painting contractors" (19) and then pressed the “Sheet Keywords” button.

Below the save button, you can also apply positive and negative filters to enhance the results.

Keyword Sheeter Painting Contractor keywords

Keyword Sheeter provides keyword suggestions based off of Google Autocomplete

You can save the results to an Excel spreadsheet. Subscriptions start at $9/mo.

Google Ads

You can find keywords while you are setting up your account on Google Ads. A detailed article on Google Ads for painters is coming up in a future blog post.

If you've already signed up for Google Ads, you can access Google's Keyword Planner by going to "Tools and Settings" (21) and clicking "Keyword Planner" (22)

Access Google Keyword Planner

Finding the Google Keyword Planner

When you're inside the keyword planner, you'll click “Start with Keywords” (23). For example purposes, we entered “house painters near me”.  You’ll want to enter as many relevant keywords as you can think of that are painting services that you provide. After that click on"Get Results" (25).

Seeding Painting Keywords

Seeding keywords in Google's Keyword Planner

As you can find below Google returns 394 Keywords in the Keyword plan (26). In the table, you will see keyword ideas (27) along with the monthly average search results for every keyword idea (28) and the top of the page bidding details (29) and (30).

You can narrow your results by broadening your search or clicking the refine keywords link in the upper right (31).

Keyword Planner Tool House Painting Results

Keyword Planner results for "house painters near me"

Google provides the results, and you are able to integrate them directly into your search ad campaigns. I prefer to take things offline by pressing"Download" (32) instead of throwing them into my advertisements.

Keywords Painters can use for Search Engine Optimization and PPC

Based on our experience and experience using some of the tools described above, here is a starting list of 394 terms to be considered in the course of your painting paid-for campaigns along with SEO.

This isn't a comprehensive list. It's best to conduct your own keyword analysis to find the keywords that are appropriate for your business.


Remember that for paid-search campaigns, you will want to add qualifiers to some of the phrases below.

Location qualifiers

For instance, a lot of people look up "near to me", "my area" or their area (e.g. "Denver house painters"). So, for certain keywords, you might want to add city names that you service as well as the "near me" qualifier.

Price qualifiers

A majority of searches incorporate "cost" or "price" in their search. Be very careful when bidding on price-related keywords in paid search ads - or trying to optimize or rank for these keywords.  Customers that are only concerned with cost tend to be the worst customers.

Negative Keywords

The majority of the keywords listed below are pretty popular. If you're not offering that particular painting service, make it a negative keyword.

Apartment Keywords

  • apartment painting company
  • apartment painting contractors
  • apartment painting services

Basement Keywords

  • basement floor painting contractors
  • basement painting contractors near me
  • basement painting services

Blasting Keywords

  • blasting and painting company
  • sandblasting and painting companies
  • sandblasting and painting companies near me

Brick Keywords

  • brick painting companies near me
  • brick painting company
  • exterior brick house painters near me

Cabinets Keywords

  • cabinet painting companies near me
  • cabinet painting company
  • cabinet painting contractors
  • cabinet painting contractors near me
  • cabinet refinishing companies near me
  • kitchen cabinet painting companies near me
  • kitchen cabinet painting company
  • kitchen cabinet painting contractors
  • kitchen cabinet painting contractors near me
  • kitchen cabinet refinishing companies near me

Ceiling Keywords

  • ceiling painting contractors
  • ceiling painting service
  • contractor ceiling paint

Commercial Painting Company Keywords

  • building painting contractors
  • building painting services
  • commercial and residential painters
  • commercial building painters
  • commercial building painters near me
  • commercial building painting contractors
  • commercial exterior painters
  • commercial exterior painters near me
  • commercial exterior painting contractors
  • commercial floor painting contractors
  • commercial house painters
  • commercial industrial painting services
  • commercial interior painters near me
  • commercial painter and decorator
  • commercial painters fremont
  • commercial painters in my area
  • commercial painters near me
  • commercial painters north shore
  • commercial painters tracy
  • commercial painting
  • commercial painting business
  • commercial painting companies
  • commercial painting companies near me
  • commercial painting contractor interior
  • commercial painting contractors
  • commercial painting contractors near me
  • commercial painting service near me
  • commercial painting services
  • commercial painting subcontractor
  • exterior commercial painters near me
  • industrial coating contractors near me
  • industrial coatings contractors
  • industrial contractor painting
  • industrial floor painting contractors
  • industrial paint companies near me
  • industrial painting companies
  • industrial painting companies near me
  • industrial painting contractors
  • industrial painting contractors company
  • industrial painting contractors near me
  • industrial painting services
  • industrial sandblasting and painting companies
  • industrial tank painting contractors
  • industrial tank painting contractors near me
  • local commercial painters
  • office painters
  • office painting services
  • professional commercial painters
  • recommended house painters near me
  • residential and commercial painting services

Concrete Keywords

  • concrete floor painting contractors
  • concrete floor painting contractors near me
  • concrete painting companies near me
  • concrete painting contractors
  • concrete painting contractors near me
  • concrete painting services

Deck Keywords

  • deck painting companies near me
  • deck painting contractors near me
  • deck staining company near me
  • deck staining contractors
  • deck staining contractors near me

Driveway Keywords

  • driveway painting companies near me
  • driveway painting contractors
  • driveway painting contractors near me

Drywall Keywords

  • drywall and painting companies near me
  • drywall and painting contractor
  • drywall and painting contractors near me
  • drywall painting contractor
  • drywallers and painters near me
  • paint and drywall contractors
  • painting and drywall companies
  • painting and drywall contractors near me
  • painting drywall contractors near me
  • pro painting and drywall

Electrostatic Keywords

  • electrostatic painting contractors
  • electrostatic painting contractors near me

Epoxy Keywords

  • epoxy floor painting contractors
  • epoxy paint contractors
  • epoxy painting services

Exterior Keywords

  • exterior coating contractors
  • exterior home painter near me
  • exterior home painters
  • exterior home painters near me
  • exterior home painting contractors
  • exterior house paint contractors
  • exterior house painters in my area
  • exterior house painters near me
  • exterior house painting companies
  • exterior house painting companies near me
  • exterior house painting contractors near me
  • exterior house painting services
  • exterior house painting services near me
  • exterior painters
  • exterior painters in my area
  • exterior painters near me
  • exterior painting companies
  • exterior painting companies near me
  • exterior painting contractor
  • exterior painting contractors near me
  • exterior painting services
  • exterior painting services near me
  • exterior residential painters near me
  • exterior staining contractors near me
  • external house painter near me
  • home exterior painters near me
  • house exterior painters near me
  • house painters exterior near me
  • house painters near me exterior
  • local exterior house painters
  • local exterior house painters near me
  • local exterior painters
  • local exterior painters near me
  • outdoor house painters near me
  • outdoor painting companies near me
  • outdoor painting company
  • outdoor painting services
  • outside house painters near me
  • outside painting contractors
  • professional exterior painters
  • professional exterior painters near me
  • residential exterior painters
  • residential exterior painters near me

Fence Keywords

  • fence painting companies near me
  • fence painting company
  • fence stain contractors
  • fence staining companies near me
  • fence staining contractors near me

Floor Keywords

  • floor painting companies
  • floor painting contractors
  • floor painting contractors near me
  • floor painting services
  • flooring and painting contractors

Garage Keywords

  • garage floor paint companies near me
  • garage floor paint contractors
  • garage floor painters contractors
  • garage floor painting companies
  • garage floor painting contractors near me
  • painting and flooring companies near me
  • painting and flooring contractors near me

General Keywords

  • contractor beige paint
  • contractor white paint
  • custom painting company
  • decorating contractors
  • domestic painting services
  • flat painting services
  • general painting company
  • independent painting company
  • jet painting contractors
  • local painting companies
  • local painting contractors
  • local painting services
  • looking for painting contractors
  • painter painting service
  • painter service contractor
  • painters contractors
  • painting and decorating companies
  • painting and decorating contractors
  • painting and remodeling companies
  • painting and remodeling contractor
  • painting and sheetrock contractors
  • painting and wall covering contractors
  • painting companies gold coast
  • painting company
  • painting company services
  • painting construction company
  • painting contracting
  • painting contractor business
  • painting contractor services
  • painting contractors
  • painting firms
  • painting pros
  • patio painting companies
  • pro painting co
  • pro painting contractors
  • pro painting services
  • professional painting contractor
  • quality painting company
  • quality painting contractors
  • quality painting pros
  • room painting service
  • safe painting service
  • whitewash contractor

HOA Keywords

  • hoa painting company

Interior Keywords

  • house painters near me interior
  • indoor house painters near me
  • indoor painting companies
  • indoor painting services
  • inside house painters near me
  • interior & exterior painting services
  • interior and exterior painter
  • interior and exterior painters near me
  • interior exterior painters
  • interior home painter
  • interior home painters
  • interior home painters in my area
  • interior home painters near me
  • interior home painting services
  • interior house painters
  • interior house painters in my area
  • interior house painters near me
  • interior house painting companies
  • interior house painting service
  • interior painter near me
  • interior painters
  • interior painting companies near me
  • interior painting company
  • interior painting contractors
  • interior painting contractors near me
  • interior painting services
  • interior painting services near me
  • interior residential painters
  • local interior house painters
  • local interior house painters near me
  • local interior painters
  • local interior painters near me
  • local painters interior
  • residential interior painting services

Kitchen Keywords

  • kitchen painting company

Licensed Keywords

  • bbb painters near me
  • bbb painting contractors near me
  • certified painter
  • certified painters near me
  • insured painter
  • licensed and bonded painters near me
  • licensed painter
  • licensed painting contractors
  • licensed painting contractors near me

Misc Surface Keywords

  • aluminum siding painting companies near me
  • cedar siding staining contractors near me
  • door staining companies near me
  • furniture painting company near me
  • metal building painting contractors
  • pvc painting company
  • shed painting contractors
  • siding and painting contractors near me
  • siding painting companies near me
  • siding painting contractors near me
  • tank painting contractors
  • tile painting companies near me
  • tile painting company
  • vinyl siding painting companies near me
  • wall covering contractors
  • wall painting company
  • wall painting contractor
  • wall painting contractors near me
  • water tank painting companies
  • wood painting company
  • wood staining contractors
  • wood staining contractors near me

Pools Keywords

  • pool deck painting companies near me
  • pool deck staining companies near me
  • swimming pool painting contractors

Price Keywords

  • affordable painting company
  • affordable painting contractors
  • affordable pro painting
  • cheap exterior house painters near me
  • cheap exterior painters near me
  • cheap home painting services
  • cheap house painting services
  • cheap painting companies near me
  • cheap painting services
  • contractors paint prices
  • contractors pva paint price
  • home painters cost
  • paint contractor cost
  • paint contractor price per square foot
  • painter estimates
  • painting service cost
  • sherwin williams contractor paint prices

Painters Near Me (Proximity) Keywords

  • contract painters near me
  • local painting companies near me
  • local painting contractors near me
  • paint contractors in my area
  • painting and construction company near me
  • painting and decorating companies near me
  • painting and remodeling near me
  • painting and staining contractors near me
  • painting companies in my area
  • painting companies near me
  • painting contractors near me
  • painting firms near me
  • painting pros near me
  • painting services near me
  • professional painting companies near me
  • whitewash contractors near me

Rated Keywords

  • best commercial painters
  • best exterior painting companies near me
  • best exterior painting contractors near me
  • best house paint contractors
  • best paint companies near me
  • best paint contractors
  • best painting companies near me
  • best painting company
  • best painting contractors danville
  • best painting contractors near me
  • best painting services
  • best roofing paint
  • top painting companies
  • top painting companies near me
  • top painting services
  • top rated house painters near me
  • top rated painting companies near me

Residential Keywords

  • custom home painters
  • find a house painter
  • find house painters near me
  • home painters
  • home painters in my area
  • home painters near me
  • home painting companies near me
  • home painting company
  • home painting contractors
  • home painting contractors near me
  • home painting services
  • house painters
  • house painters in my area
  • house painters in the area
  • house painters near me
  • house painters nearby
  • house painting companies
  • house painting companies near me
  • house painting contractors
  • house painting contractors near me
  • house painting services
  • house painting services near me
  • house staining companies near me
  • local home painters
  • local house painters
  • local house painters near me
  • local house painting companies
  • local house painting contractors
  • looking for a house painter
  • looking for house painters in my area
  • professional house painters near me
  • professional house painting services near me
  • residential home painters
  • residential house painters
  • residential house painters near me
  • residential painting companies near me
  • residential painting company
  • residential painting contractors
  • residential painting contractors near me

Roof Keywords

  • metal roof painting companies near me
  • metal roof painting contractors
  • metal roof painting contractors near me
  • roof painting companies
  • roof painting companies near me
  • roof painting contractors
  • roof painting contractors near me
  • roofing and painting contractors

Siding Keywords

  • siding and painting contractors

Stucco Keywords

  • stucco and drywall painting company
  • stucco painting contractors near me
  • stucco to finish painting company

Wallpaper Keywords

  • paint and wallpaper contractors
  • paint and wallpaper contractors near me
  • wallpaper and painting services
  • wallpaper removal and painting services
  • wallpaper removal and painting services near me

Waterproofing Keywords

  • contractors painting & waterproofing inc
  • frp painting and waterproofing contractor
  • painting and waterproofing specialists
  • waterproofing and painting contractors

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

This website is dedicating to helping home services contractors to grow their businesses by implementing effective marketing, systems, and processes. 
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