Shirts for Landscapers

Finding Durable and Comfortable Landscaping Shirts for You and Your Crew

If your landscaping business needs a shirt that protects your employees from the elements and advertises your services, you may be wondering what you need to seek out. Considering the landscaping business is a $100+ billion industry, sticking out from a crowded pack is a valuable way to market yourself.

There are many things to consider if you’re hunting for the best shirts for landscapers, such as fabrics, materials, and even the shirt style. Providing your employees with a branded custom t shirt design is a tremendous benefit for them and can effectively help to promote your landscaping company as well.

A well-designed landscaper T-shirt for your employees is just one way to provide a small perk for them and the potential to help advertise your business. Whatever your needs, here are some things to think about for landscaping shirts.

Landscaping Shirts and Uniforms for Your Business: Consider The Following

Landscaping business owners should have a shirt that doubles as a uniform for the job and an opportunity to advertise their business – especially if it’s a shirt an employee can wear in the community.

What Kind of Shirts Do Landscapers Wear?

Commonly, landscaping businesses provide screen-printed T-shirt designs or polo shirts for their landscapers. A screen-printed, 100-percent cotton shirt will always be cheaper than a polo shirt, so keep that in mind. However, there may be better material choices that are more effective at wicking away materials and keeping landscapers comfortable. Thicker shirt materials can be warmer in the summer but provide warmth during winter. The key is to find a balance of materials.

A polo shirt option can also be viable, considering the climate type and the shirt’s fabric. Arid and warmer temperatures will need a material that can provide some level of cooling for your employees. Polo shirts are also an excellent option for your administrative or sales staff to wear in the office if you have one.

You can consider embroidery on for your custom t shirts - but be sure that the embroidered logos or letters are comfortable and won't irritate the skin of your employees.

However, the most valuable item on a work shirt is the company logo. Company logos on your shirts are the best way to establish your business and provide a telephone number or other way to contact you.

What Should a Landscaper Wear?

Landscapers should wear shirts or uniforms that allow them to move comfortably during their daily work. You have to keep your climate in mind, though. Hotter summers mean more breathable material works best, but colder winters mean you should invest in hoodies for your employees.

Landscapers should also keep safety in mind when choosing a uniform. You may not realize this, but brighter colors for your employees can keep them safe outdoors.

Why Do Landscapers Wear Bright Colors?

For decades, outdoor enthusiasts have pushed for bright colors to help with visibility issues. The color you choose for your landscaping t shirt should really pop. A bright yellow, orange, or green shirt is easier to spot outside than a black or red T-shirt. This line of thinking has extended to landscaping businesses. Landscaping specialists need to stick out to help with safety. This especially applies to landscapers that are working near heavily trafficked areas - like along roads or in highway medians.

Customization Is Always Allowed

Shirts for landscapers don’t have to be like all the other boring uniforms you see on the streets or even in offices. As a business owner, you can get creative with the designs and colors of the uniforms you provide. As long as you keep your employees protected and the name of the company visible, you can play and have fun with your designs, asking your employees can also be a great reference and an extra way to keep them happy.

How To Prepare the Outfit of any Landscape Job

Generally, wearing an outfit with close-fit clothing is a wise decision to help keep clothing from getting caught in lawn care equipment. Loose clothing is a safety hazard; getting injured on the job can devastate a lawn care business.

Short Sleeve T Shirts Provide Very Little Protection Compared to Long Sleeve Shirts

While short sleeve t shirts can be appropriate for certain landscaper duties, long sleeve shirts have the additional benefit of preventing your arms from getting scratched when lawn and tree debris needs to be moved. Thicker materials will be vital for long-sleeve options because yard debris can rip or tear weaker shirts.

As for pants, it will largely depend on the time of year and the type of climate you deal with for your business. Jeans are acceptable because they can cover up and protect your legs from scratches, but there may be better times of the year to wear them.

And yes, wearing brighter colors is essential for safety. As we mentioned above, brighter colors stand out more. For example, a bright green shirt will protect your landscapers if they work in an area with plenty of road traffic.

Don’t forget about hoodies, either! Hooded sweatshirts are sturdy enough to survive in any landscaping climate or job. Hoodies are also excellent at retaining warmth. However, you may be paying a premium when choosing hoodies or sweatshirts for your employees.

Landscaping uniforms are about showing clients or potential clients that your operation is a professional business.

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