Best Shoes for Solar Installers

What Solar Installation Professionals Should Look for in Their Work Shoe

Solar energy is rapidly transforming the way people power their homes and businesses. Behind this renewable revolution are hardworking solar installers. Working as a solar contractor requires long hours on rooftops. You’ll also be exposed to various weather conditions while ensuring the transition to a greener future runs smoothly.

As such, having proper footwear is critical for safety and support. Let's explore the importance of selecting the right roofing shoe for solar installers.

Importance of Proper Footwear for Solar Installers

Proper footwear is crucial for solar installers as it provides safety, comfort, and support while working. When you protect yourself well, you work well.


Accessing energy from the solar system is an important job and you should protect yourself as you work. Safety is paramount for solar installers because they often work high up and with heavy equipment. One of the critical aspects of ensuring their safety on the job is choosing the right footwear.

Wearing the correct footwear protects your feet from potential injury. Regardless of the job site you’re on, your feet can always get hurt. But, with protective footwear, you’ll ensure your feet are shielded from anything that could fall on them and cause damage to them.

By selecting boots with slip-resistant soles that offer superior traction on various surfaces like metal roofing, solar installers can safely maneuver and maintain balance while installing panels. Protective footwear can also provide additional grip for more precarious or slippery work surfaces. This prevents falls and slips, keeping you safe on every job.

A non Slip Shoe is Essential When Doing Solar Panel Installation

Keeping your feet safe also means protecting them from excess moisture. Too much water in your shoes creates friction that leads to painful blisters. Solar installers must avoid this as they are on their feet all day. The right work shoes or boots can offer breathability that keeps your feet insulated correctly.

When installing solar PV systems, you’ll frequently work with electrical equipment. That’s why you need shoes that protect you in the event of a shock or an emergency. Many workplace boots have rubber soles, which help limit your body’s ability to conduct electricity. If you suffer an electric shock, this might just help save your life.

Digital Roofing Innovations Covers the Best Shoes for Roofing (which would also apply to solar installers)


Ensuring optimal comfort throughout their workday can help maintain focus and productivity, resulting in high-quality installations. Shoes that offer ample cushioning, such as memory foam insoles or shock-absorbing midsoles, can ease pressure on the feet during long hours of standing and walking. With less pressure on your feet, they are less likely to suffer from injury or strain.

For example, some sneakers incorporate advanced cushioning technology to promote comfortable all-day wear for solar installers working on metal roofing or Tesla solar roof installations. These shoes are gentle on your busy feet and help provide the protection you need for all kinds of solar roof installation jobs.

With an increasing number of households and businesses adopting renewable energy solutions like solar power systems, industry professionals must have reliable footwear designed to meet the specific demands of their occupation. That’s why you should give comfort just as much thought as safety and support when buying work shoes.

Comfortable shoes also make your job more enjoyable. When you don’t have to worry about how your feet are feeling, you can focus on your work and successfully install solar panels more efficiently.


One simple reason to wear the correct shoes as a solar installer is so you are covered by insurance if you’re in a workplace accident. Depending on your insurance plan, if you don’t wear the right gear you may not be covered if you’re injured during a job. This leads to lengthy battles if you need to claim compensation. Wear the right shoes to ensure you’re covered if you need to claim.

This may not be true for all workplaces, and you should check your company’s insurance policy. It’s likely that if you do need to wear the right gear to be fully insured, your company will let you know.


In the demanding field of solar installation, having shoes that provide ample support is crucial. Solar installers frequently spend hours on rooftops or elevated surfaces. They work with heavy equipment and materials to create renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses.

Wearing shoes with inadequate support can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and even long-term foot problems. For example, some companies equip their team members with high-quality footwear designed to ensure their safety and efficiency on the job site.

A well-supported shoe should have durable arch supports and cushioning systems that help distribute weight evenly across the foot while absorbing shocks from walking on hard surfaces like roofs or metal structures during solar panel installations.

When your feet are healthy and supported, you can take on more hours and earn more money. The right solar installer shoes help ensure your feet are ready for long hours and adverse weather conditions if you face them on a job.

Features To Look For in Shoes for Solar Installers

A Shoe that is Flexible, Slip Resistant and Protective is Ideal for Solar Panel Installation

When choosing shoes for solar installers, look for slip-resistant soles, waterproof or water-resistant materials, and breathability.

Slip-Resistant Soles

Slip-resistant soles are a significant feature to look for in shoes for solar installers. Working on solar panels and roofs can be dangerous, especially when the surfaces are wet or slippery.

Wearing shoes with slip-resistant soles can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and falling. In turn, you are less likely to suffer a serious injury while working. Look for shoes with deep treads and textured patterns on the sole to provide better grip and traction on various surfaces.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant Materials

Another feature to consider when choosing shoes for solar installers is whether they are made from waterproof or water-resistant materials. Given that installation work often takes place outdoors, the installer's feet must stay dry and warm throughout the day.

Luckily, many shoe manufacturers offer options with waterproof membranes or treatments that help keep moisture at bay. These can also come in handy if there is ever a spill or leak during installation, ensuring that water won't seep into the shoe and cause discomfort or safety issues.


When choosing shoes for solar installers, it's important to consider breathability. Solar installation work can be physically demanding and lead to perspiration, so having shoes that allow for air circulation is crucial in keeping feet dry and comfortable. Look for shoes made with breathable materials such as mesh or perforated leather.

Choosing a shoe with good breathability can also prevent the buildup of bacteria and odors caused by sweat, promoting overall foot health. Additionally, increased airflow within the shoe can help regulate temperature, preventing overheating during long hours on a job site.

Toe Protection

Solar installers are at risk of injuring their toes during installation, making toe protection a critical feature to look for when choosing the best shoes. The danger is particularly high with the possibility of heavy equipment being dropped during installation or tools accidentally falling from scaffolds.

In addition, various brands offer unique features that provide extra support for toes, such as thicker rubber soles that wrap around the edge of the shoe's front panel. This design provides additional reinforcement on the sole's perimeter, which can protect against possible injury from impacts and reduce wear and tear resulting from constant use.

Arch Support

Arch support is a crucial feature to look for in shoes when choosing the best footwear for solar installers. As these workers spend long hours on their feet, their shoes must provide adequate arch support to prevent strain and injury.

Lightweight Design

The weight of your footwear can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel while on the job. Solar installers spend long hours on their feet and need shoes that won't weigh them down. Look for shoes made with lightweight materials like mesh, synthetic fabrics, or EVA foam soles.

Top Shoe Recommendations for Solar Installers

If you’re searching for the best shoes to keep you safe, comfortable, and supported during long days of solar panel installation, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is an excellent choice for solar installers. These shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and support, making them ideal for long days on the job. The toe protection feature ensures that toes are safe from any accidental bumps or scrapes on the job site.

Link to the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 (

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker

The Skechers Men's Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker is a great option for solar installers who need comfortable and supportive footwear. These sneakers have a lightweight, breathable design that keeps your feet cool and dry even during long hours of work.

Link to the Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker (

Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R2 Gtx

The Adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex Swift R2 GTX is a top-rated shoe for solar installers, providing both comfort and protection. The shoe features slip-resistant soles to keep you stable on slick surfaces, while the Gore-Tex lining provides waterproofing in wet conditions.

Link to the Adidas Men’s Terrex Swift R2 Gtx (

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