Tools Locksmiths Use

Tools Locksmiths Use to Pick Locks and Cut Keys

Locksmiths perform an important role in the community. Without them, people would resort to breaking locks, smashing glass windows, and damaging their property to gain access back to their belongings.

Whether you want to become a locksmith yourself or know the tools locksmiths use, we will discuss what tools make their job possible. You might not be able to perform 100% of the tasks locksmiths do, but you can try to solve the solutions on your own, especially when locksmiths are unavailable.

Have you had to call a locksmith to pick up one of your pesky locks? Are you considering gathering your locksmith tool kit to prevent calling a service again?

If so, this article is for you. We will highlight some of the most necessary gadgets locksmiths use to pick a lock in seconds. You will have no problem opening car, garage, or other doors.

Stick around towards the end to find answers to the internet’s most common questions about locksmiths and their work.

10 Tools Locksmiths Use

We will now give you the ten tools locksmiths use to complete various tasks. Without these tools, their job is impossible.

Key Extractor

A key extractor is an ideal tool for pulling out bits and pieces of a key that broke off into the lock. It can help you pull out a key in one piece that has become jammed. Every locksmith has a broken key extractor in their tool kit. It can help remove any other unknown objects that are blocking the key from passing.

Tension Wrench

A tension wrench isn’t always necessary when picking a lock. However, it is one of the most common tools locksmiths use. All locksmiths will have this tool nearby when they need to perform a job quickly.

Tension wrenches help every locksmith perform a task with a steady hand. It will help keep pressure on pins and get the job done effortlessly.

Pick Gun

Lock pick guns help locksmiths unlock a lock using one multi-tool in the shape of a tool gun. Some pick guns have tool bits that require manual maneuvers, while others contain electrical components. If the technician or person using a lock pick gun doesn’t know how to work it, they can seriously damage the lock due to its force.

Long-reach Tool

A long-reach tool is the most typical car opening tool. This tool consists of a long metal wire, an airbag, and a hook. When the locksmith inserts the airbag between the door and the car body, the door will separate from the car using air pressure.

The lock can then become unlockable by reaching the metal wire with a hook to the door unlock button and pressing or releasing it.

Air Bag

The airbag is a component of the long-reach tool using air to force a gap between your car door and the rest of the door frame. Using a small hand pump and a short tube, the locksmith can pump air into the airbag to separate the car parts without causing any damage.

Lock Picks

Lock picks are thin metal pieces that move around pins inside the lock. You can buy lock pick sets with several different shapes, sizes, and lengths.

Every locksmith has various picks that they use to insert into the depths of the lock. One of the picks is a rake. Locksmiths use rake tools inside the keyhole to mimic the movement of a key. The saw blade-like tool will rock back and forth, allowing the lock to assume a key is entering.

Various Lock Picks

This multi-tool of thin metal needle-like pieces is perfect for locksmith beginners and professionals.

Key Decoder

Key decoders make the tasks of a locksmith much simpler. They help prevent a locksmith from guessing what size pins are inside every lock. Key decoders are in the shape of cards that look like reference charts.

Every locksmith has different types of key decoders handy for understanding the components of each lock they are working on. Each card will give them the exact pin depths of lock brands.

Pliers or Tweezers

Pliers are another essential tool to help get extra grip when picking a lock. Pliers work well for holding bits and tiny tool parts that fingers are too big for. They work similarly to hair tweezers, allowing you to grab hold of tiny pins that your hands can’t possibly grasp.

Key Cutter

Key cutters are key-cutting machines and plier-like tools. Machines use precision and detailed inputs to cut a piece of metal into the shape of a key. Every machine is a handy device for locksmiths to perform key-cutting tasks when customers need a key copied. They are also known as key duplicators.

Key Cutting Machine

Key cutter pliers help redesign a key after a lock has finished the decoding process. Key-cutting machines work well with cutter pliers to finish cutting the teeth of a key and copy the original.

Hand-held Scopes

Scopes are the perfect tool to help locksmiths see what they are doing. Locks consist of tight and fine spaces within the keyhole. As it is impossible to see inside the lock with our naked eye, a scope will work as a magnified eye at the edge of the lock. Scopes are similar to the tools doctors use when looking into your ear. They are a must-have in every locksmith’s toolbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have done a deep dive on the internet to find the answers to your most curious questions about emergency locksmiths and their tools.

What are the most common locksmith tasks?

One of the most common tasks includes duplicating keys. Whether a house or a car key, locksmiths have the skills to duplicate keys if the key has been lost or broken. Another common task is lock replacement. If the lock gets damaged beyond repair, locksmiths can replace cylinder locks, knob locks, deadbolt locks, and more.

What tool do locksmiths use to open car doors?

Locksmiths can use several tools to unlock your car. If your keys have been locked inside, a locksmith will use a long-reach tool to unlock the vehicle. A long-reach tool slips in through the door frame and hits the unlock button.

What is a key decoder?

Key decoders are professional locksmith tools. They are used to replicate a key using codes that make it unique. The key decoders give the locksmith information on the key's cut and numerical depths.

What do locksmiths do to open a lock?

Locksmiths use several training mechanisms and tools to pick a lock. Depending on the lock system, they will choose the tool and method which will work best. Using particular tools, they can read the inside of a lock and make the right moves to open it.

Can locksmiths open jammed doors?

No matter how bad the jam is in a door, a locksmith should have no problem opening it. Not only can locksmiths pick most door locks, but they also have the right tools and technologies to open any door that won’t budge. Jammed doors usually require a bit more force compared to others.

Can locksmiths pick all locks?

No. Not every lock will be unlockable. Depending on the lock’s condition, it might not be possible to open it. Generally, a locksmith will use every tool and method in their arsenal, but if the lock is faulty, it might be impossible.

What locks can locksmiths not open?

There are a few locks that locksmiths will have trouble opening when servicing locks. Safes and vaults can be unlocked using unique keys, codes, and tools. Locksmiths must contact the company for special training and tools to unlock such complex lock systems.

How fast can a locksmith open a door?

A locksmith will open your door in a few seconds to several minutes. More complex locks and door systems could take upwards of 30 minutes or an hour.

How do locksmiths open doors without keys?

If you do not have the key to open your door and the locksmith can’t replicate it, they will open it using picking methods. Every locksmith has fine metal tools that insert into the lock to open it without harming the internal components.

What locks can not be picked?

All locks are pickable. If a lock exists and can be locked, it can be unlocked. Some are borderline unpickable, but with time and determination, locksmiths usually get through them. The most difficult locks to pick include Evva MCS, Abloy Protect 2, and Baldwin Prestige 380.

What is the hardest lock to pick?

The most difficult lock to pick depends on each locksmith. Some commercial locksmiths are more skillful at breaching different locks. In general, there are a few locks that most locksmiths consider a challenge.

Due to internal magnetic codings, the Evva MCS seems to be the most difficult to pick. This lock’s design is protected from key copying and 3D printing, making it much more difficult to unlock than others.

The pin tumbler lock is another difficult lock to open.

What is the best tool to pick a lock?

The best tool to pick a lock isn’t one single tool; it’s a multi-tool with multiple abilities. A pick is a universal tool unlocking the majority of locks. Picks are long thin metal pieces with curving ends that match the inside of the lock. If paired with a tension wrench, the picking task becomes simple.

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