What Are the Parts of a Garage Door?

Learning How Garage Doors Work

Garages provide a variety of uses for homeowners. From storage space to room for a workshop, a garage has become an essential factor in homeownership.

However, with a garage comes maintenance; nothing requires more maintenance and upkeep than the garage door. Considering all the moving parts in a garage door and the potential for injury if you don't know what you're doing, hiring a professional garage door repair specialist is critical to keep your door functioning.

But what are the parts of a garage door? What are the items that need the most amount of maintenance? What can you do as a homeowner? First, let's review all the critical parts of a garage door.

Garage Door Parts

There are a handful of essential, valuable, and crucial parts for your garage door to function correctly. Unfortunately, if any of these parts fail, you're looking at the possibility of severe damage and exponential costs to repair the problem.

Still, if you know what parts can fail, you can aid in the repair process.

Garage Door

Of course, the garage door is an essential piece of this puzzle. The door is typically made of steel or wood and consists of several panels that open and close to provide access to the garage. The door can be damaged easily from improper closure or driving your car into it. No judgment – driving into the door is a common problem.

Wooden Garage Doors and a Beautiful Interlocking Paver Driveway

Garage Door Opener

The door opener is what allows the door to open and close. It is usually powered by an electric motor, although some models operate manually. Unfortunately, electric garage door openers are prone to failure and may need replacement after years of continuous use.

Remote Control Garage Door Opener

Torsion Springs

The torsion springs provide the necessary tension to open and close the door. These springs can come in a variety of sizes and weights depending on the size of the door. Garage door springs are another potential point of failure in a garage door setup. Springs easily break, considering changes in climate and years of use. This part is where safety becomes a more significant issue. With tension in these springs, an inexperienced person can cause serious bodily harm if they attempt to repair it.

Horizontal Track

The horizontal track allows for your garage door to open and close safely. The door tracks are mounted to the garage's ceiling and walls, enabling the door to roll up and down. Any damage to these tracks can cause your door to malfunction or be unable to open. Performing routine maintenance and inspections on these tracks will prevent the possibility of malfunction.


Hinges connect the door panels to the tracks. There are several hinge types available for garage doors: butt hinges, strap hinges, and pivot hinges. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but the butt hinge is among the most common for garage doors. No matter what type of hinge you choose, having the right one can make a massive difference in the overall security of your garage door.


Rollers are some of the most vital parts of your garage door. If it weren't for rollers, your garage door could not open and close. Rollers are attached to the sides of your garage door and are connected to the horizontal tracks. These rollers travel along the tracks so your door will rise and fall. These parts can also be tricky to maintain if you're a novice with tools. However, maintaining rollers is possible, provided you hire a professional to handle the job.

Cable Drums

Cable drums help to keep the door balanced, raise and lower it, and keep it securely closed. These parts are located at the top of the garage door on both sides and connected to the torsion springs. As the door opens and closes, the cable drums rotate, allowing the door to move up and down.

Cable drums come in different sizes and are made from other materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic. Steel drums are the most durable and resistant to wear and tear, although they can rust over time. Aluminum drums are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, but they're less durable than steel drums and can bend easily. Plastic drums are the least durable, but they're also the lightest and least expensive.

Sprocket Assembly

A sprocket assembly is a gear system used to transfer power from the motor to the track of the garage door. It consists of a sprocket, a kind of wheel with teeth, and a chain or belt that wraps around the sprocket and is driven by the motor. The sprocket assembly is responsible for raising and lowering the garage door and is usually located at the top of the garage door tracks.

Emergency Cord

The emergency cord allows for the manual release of the garage door opener, allowing you to open the door in the event of an emergency. The cord is typically a thin, red cord that hangs from the center of the motor unit. When a homeowner pulls the emergency cord, the motor unit will disengage from the garage door, and you can open the door manually. This feature is vital in case of power failure or if the door opener suddenly stops working.

The Emergency Cord Allows You to Open the Garage Door Without Power

It is important to note that homeowners should only use the emergency cord in an emergency. Pulling the cord too often can cause the motor unit to malfunction and require professional repair.

Garage Door Wall Console

A wall console is a device that attaches to the wall near your garage door and allows you to control it from the comfort of your home.

Wall consoles are incredibly convenient and allow you to open and close your garage door with a button. In addition, homeowners can use them to access different settings and features that your garage door system may have, such as automatic close and open times or remote access.

Garage Door Parts and Repair Costs

Now that we’ve answered the question “what are the parts of a garage door?”, let’s look at the costs of repairing them if needed. Each garage door part is vital to raising and lowering the door safely and securely. Unfortunately, like any other mechanical product, these parts can fail over time due to various factors.

The average garage door repair cost depends on which parts need repair or replacement.

If you're getting a new garage door installed, expect to pay at least $1,200 on average. This does not include the cost of the door and the equipment necessary to install one, so keep that in mind.

But what about repair work? Average costs on garage door repair hover between $150 and $400 depending on what work is necessary.

The most common garage door repair task is replacing metal panels that have become dented. Replacing a metal panel can cost you between $100 and $200. Wood panels, on the other hand, can be pricier at $200 to $300 because of the materials used.

Spring replacement, whether torsion springs or extension springs, can be another costly repair item on your garage door. However, with broken springs posing a safety hazard, the average $200 to $500 cost to repair or replace them is money well spent.

Garage Door Part FAQs

In case you still have questions unanswered, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions. Find all the answers below.

What is the bottom piece of a garage door called?

The bottom piece of a garage door is called a bottom seal or a garage door threshold.

What is included in a garage door track assembly?

A garage door track assembly typically includes a horizontal track, which contains a vertical track and two track brackets attached to the wall; a roller carriage, which includes the rollers for the door to roll up and down on; and a tension spring, which helps to counterbalance the weight of the door.

What holds a garage door in place?

A garage door is held in place by the tension provided by the torsion springs. The tension of the spring is adjusted by winding it tighter or looser.

What is the piece that holds the door closed?

The piece that holds the garage door closed is called a garage door lock. It usually consists of a sliding mechanism at the top of the garage door. When engaged, it prevents the garage door from being opened.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door track?

The cost of replacing a garage door track varies depending on the track type, the door size, and the specific materials and tools needed to complete the job. Generally, replacing a garage door track can range anywhere from $200 to $600.

What is the metal around the garage door called?

The metal around the garage door is typically called trim or molding.

How much does it cost to replace the bottom panel on a garage door?

The cost to replace the bottom panel on a garage door will depend on the size and type of garage door and the type of material used for the panel. Generally, the cost can range from $100 to $400.

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