Get Appliance Repair Reviews - What You Need to Know

Prospects Need to Know You Provide Quality Appliance Repair Services

According to a BrightLocal study, 87% of customers consider reviews when selecting the local provider. Not only that, you should have recent reviews - 73% of customers won't even look at older reviews and only focus on reviews that are a month old or less. The key is to provide your customers with amazing repair work and to get reviews when your repairs are concluded. Collecting reviews must be part of your overall appliance repair service call process.

Your Google Business Profile reviews should be your primary focus. Google reviews are more visible than any other review platform, so it is important that your appliance repair company is consistently getting good Google reviews.

Google uses reviews as one of the ranking factors for local businesses in its local results. The review rating is a key factor in determining your local ranking "More reviews and positive ratings can improve your business's local ranking". Other Internet review sites also likely use the number of reviews and your ratings to rank you within their own site.

Do I have the ability to remove my Google Business Listing?

Your Appliance Repair company will appear on multiple review sites, and there isn't anything you can do about it. These websites won't respond to your request to remove your company or your review ratings.

Embracing reviews is the way to go. Give your local customers excellent service and make sure that asking for a review is an essential part of the conclusion of the service call.

How to Get Reviews for Your Appliance Repair Company

Collecting as many reviews as possible from customers is important. It must be done in line with the rules and conditions of the review platform. It is possible to request reviews on various review platforms such as Google. For services like Yelp, it is not possible to directly ask for reviews, according to their conditions of service.

It's important to find out from the review platform what kinds of review collection methods are permitted.

There are a variety of ways customers can write reviews for review services. Here are a few of the most commonly used methods to get more appliance repair reviews for your business.

Review links can be sent via text

Go to Your Google Business Profile and select "Share Review Form" under the Get More Reviews section

Sending a link to the review website directly to your customer is the best way to gather customer reviews

The best way to convince customers to review you is to text them with a link to your review on a review website. It's simple for them, and fast for you. Before you send them a message, inquire with the customer whether they'd be willing to write a testimonial.

It's best to do this when you're at the customer's home and are almost done repairing their faulty appliance. Since their experience is fresh, this will increase your chances of obtaining an individual customer to leave an online review.

The most important review site - Google - has an easy-to-follow way for you to obtain reviews for your Google Business Profile. From your Google Business Profile, you should be able to click on the "Share Review Form" box to get a link you can give to your customers to get more reviews.

Go to Your Google Business Profile and select "Share Review Form" under the Get More Reviews section
This link is unique to your appliance repair company and can be sent to customers to get reviews

Email a Review Link

The best alternative is probably to email your customer a link for a review as part of your appliance repair services. This may not get as much response as an email link. You might get your email hidden in the spam filters or they might be too busy to review it when you send it.

Use a Review Service

A variety of online review platforms will automate the collection of reviews for your company.


GatherUp offers review collection services starting at $99/month and can be used by as many as 3,500 clients. For collecting reviews, it is possible to use both email (3,000/mo) and texts (300/mo).

A review widget on the internet is sent to you which you can embed anywhere on your appliance repair company website. GatherUp offers robust reporting and reviews that can be monitored online.

GatherUp provides a 14-day no-cost trial.


Grade.US starts at $110 per month and is targeted at marketing firms, but you could also sign up your appliance repair business to use the service and then manage it yourself. You can also send 200 words per month for an additional charge. You can also install a review carousel on your website.

Grade.US offers a 14-day free trial.

Fake Reviews

If you've established a thorough review collection system using the methods above, getting authentic reviews will not be an issue. There's no need to prop up your reviews using suspect methods such as creating fake reviews.

Don't try to game the system or you can get into trouble with regulators and review websites.

Don't ask anyone who wasn't a customer to write a review for your appliance repair business. This applies to Google and any other review websites.

The FTC is penalizing companies with fake reviews. Fraudulent reviews are rightly considered a deceitful business practice. Don't permit relatives or friends to write reviews for your business.

These fraudulent, deceptive practices don't just apply to reviews. False endorsements, including just a simple "like" on Facebook, may also be seen as a deceitful business method.

Incentivizing Reviews

You're not allowed to offer prizes or contests in exchange for reviews

Another technique that is not allowed by the FTC is to incentivize reviews. This has the potential to get you in trouble not just with the FTC but also with the review platforms themselves. Review platforms wish to ensure that their reviews are as legitimate as possible to ensure that customers keep using the review platform's website.

That means your appliance repair company shouldn't provide any type of rewards such as prizes, contests, or chances to win in the exchange for reviews. If you offer top-quality service, such tactics aren't necessary at all.

Online review monitoring

It's important to be responding to reviews daily if feasible, and at a weekly minimum for most businesses. Many of the review sites mentioned earlier in this article offer review monitoring, which allows you to know when you've received reviews on different review sites. You're going to have to consistently monitor and respond to customer reviews for your appliance repair services

Response to Reviews of Your Appliance Repair Services

In general, it is important to respond to all people that write reviews on your review sites. It shows that you're actively engaged and appreciate feedback from your customers. It shows that you're accommodating to your customers in a way that's distinct from the rest of your competitors and helps set you apart.

Reacting to positive reviews

It's simple to respond to positive reviews about your company. Let them know how much it was a pleasure to work with them and thank them for their support.

The company's owner or technician does not have to be the one to respond to the reviews. A team member can be trained on how to adequately send a reply.

You Should Also Respond to Negative Reviews

Unfavorable reviews can happen regardless of whether your appliance repair business has the most dedicated and skilled techs in the world. There are difficult people out there who just can't be satisfied no matter what you do. Unfortunately, these people love posting their opinions and experiences on review websites.

Fortunately, a negative review isn't an issue for your appliance repair business if you deal with it appropriately. Occasional negative reviews are a part of being a business owner. If, for instance, a company has almost nothing other than positive reviews, it can appear very fake to your potential clients.

According to Search Engine Land, 90% of those surveyed won't care too much about negative reviews if you, as the business owner take the time to address the problem. Many people update negative reviews to make them more favorable when the business owner is able to respond and address the reviews.

Marketing Opportunity that is geared toward Prospects

It may seem counterintuitive, but when you respond to a negative review about your appliance repair services, your response is more focused on your potential customers than it is on your client who left the review. Some customers aren't always satisfied and some clients may be considered a loss. Your response should reflect this to potential customers in your thoughts.

Potential customers will probably notice the unprofessional behavior of a client and ranting is not acceptable. Being emotional and reacting to an angry customer in a kneejerk, angry manner will create a bad impression.

Be rational, measured, and clearly thought out in your response. If you can, try to work out a solution. Show compassion. Avoid arguments.

A Negative Review Due to Your Company Making a Mistake on a Service Call

Accept it. Accept the responsibility for any miscommunications and show kindness. Resolve the problem with the homeowner or business owner, if possible. If there was something that wasn't done right during the appliance repair house call, fix it.

Sometimes, negative reviews provide an opportunity to improve and learn from your appliance repair systems and processes. You may be able to uncover mistakes with operations. You can then ensure that those same mistakes don't happen again.

If You Didn't Do Anything Wrong and Still Received a Negative Review

In some cases, despite providing excellent service, you'll receive negative reviews. They're probably the most difficult to address. It isn't a good idea to start an argument with your customer.

You must thank them for their feedback and feel their pain. If possible try reaching out to them directly to find an answer. Take the problem offline (don't duke it out on the review website). It could just be a misunderstanding about the services that have been offered.

Fake Negative Reviews from People who Weren't Even Customers

Online fake reviews are extremely common both with local services companies and with products. Even Amazon reviews are so untrustworthy that a website devoted to spotting fake reviews - - was created.

You may have received a fake review from a person you've not had the pleasure of serving.

In many cases, unethical competitors hire the services of a company to write your business negative reviews.

Regardless of where it came from, fake reviews are real. They're almost always negative, and you'll need to take several steps to try to get rid of these fake reviews.

1. Contact the Review Platform

Let them know that the author of the review was not one of the customers of your appliance repair company. This may not be successful. Review services aren't flexible and will likely not take action in response to your complaint.

The next step is to:

2. Respond to the Review

If the review site allows responses from the business owner, be sure to make it clear that this person (who wrote the review) was not an actual customer of your business. Make sure to emphasize that your business is dedicated to providing the top level of customer service, and also that the review they're writing about did not occur. It may be beneficial to say that in the rare instances where a customer is initially not satisfied with your services, that you do everything possible to correct the issue.

Top Reviews Platforms for Appliance Repair Companies

You'll need to keep track of the reviews you receive for your appliance repair business from various review sites.

One of the ways to see where people leave reviews on online sites for your business is to enter the name of your appliance repair company followed by the word "reviews". In the image below, I looked up "Appliance Concierge Reviews" - an appliance repair company in south Denver that I have no affiliation with - although I have used their services and they do great work.

Search results for a Denver Based Appliance Repair Company Showing Listings on Multiple Review Websites

There are mentions and reviews of the company on many other websites. These review sites are featured on the search results page. You must maintain and check these pages. Here's a quick breakdown of the issues we're seeing

Google Reviews

(A) in the screenshot above. Google is the most important of all the review sites. It is seen when prospects search for your business. Respond and monitor Google reviews since they will likely get more reviews than all other review websites combined

Yelp Reviews

(B) in the screenshot above. For most appliance repair companies, you'll see Yelp featured high up in the search results with reviews for your company. You should set up and maintain a Yelp Business page. Respond to reviews. You'll notice that the stars are displayed right in the search engine results.


(C) in the screenshot above. Facebook reviews and recommendations will generally appear high up on the search results page. Make sure that you claim your Facebook business page. Monitor and respond to all those who leave a review or recommendation for your appliance repair company.

(D) in the above screenshot. and HomeAdvisor recently merged, so you may see your appliance repair company appear on either or both in the search engine results. Claim your page and monitor reviews on


(E) in the screenshot above. You need to make sure your BBB listing is correct and you need to monitor your listing for any reviews. The BrightLocal study cited at the beginning of this post mentioned that while people see Google Reviews more than any other type of review - they actually trust BBB reviews more than Google. Make sure you're tracking these reviews.

Other Sites

Other review sites you may see when you search for your business include:


This isn't an exhaustive list. You'll probably find your listing on different sites across the Internet. Just like the more well-known review websites, make sure you claim your business page and respond to reviews. This is especially true for review websites that appear on the first to search results pages when someone searches for your business.

Local Services Ads Reviews

If you're using Local Services Ads, Google has a way to automate review collection on your behalf. They will generally email customers you received from the service to get a review.

Note that you'll still want to collect reviews for your main Google Business Profile listing as the reviews are separate from Local Services Ads.

Search results for a Denver Based Appliance Repair Company Showing Listings on Multiple Review Websites

Online Review Management Wrap-Up

Your appliance repair company is going to be listed on numerous websites that are completely outside of your control. You will not be able to remove your company's profile from these websites.

These review sites should be viewed as another way to promote your business. Add your business's listing to every major review site. You should make every effort to reply to all reviews - whether positive or negative.

Try to appropriately address any negative feedback left by customers. When you respond to reviews, prospective customers will look at these responses. They'll use your responses as a way to figure out whether or not your appliance repair company would provide them with a positive experience.

Negative reviews are inevitable but are nothing to worry about when handled properly. Make sure that you resolve disputes offline whenever possible and don't engage in arguments with your customers online.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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