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People who own a landscaping business might consider offering additional services to increase their client base. Once you know about water features, you can learn how to install and maintain them. You can solely focus on water features or offer various landscaping services to ensure you stay busy and make a profit.

You might worry that you limit your options by starting a pond and water features landscaping business, but there is actually a lot of work you can do. When you begin advertising your service, you’ll see how many people want outdoor water features and need help properly maintaining them.

Read on to find out everything you need to start a pond and water features landscaping business.

Types of Water Feature Installations

Homeowners love to install water features in their outdoor living space for the visual beauty and peaceful sounds of flowing water. Many businesses also add water features to their properties, lobbies, or offices to suit their aesthetics and improve curb appeal. You can install several types of water features as part of your landscaping business.


A fountain is an outdoor water feature that can vary in size and design. Structured fountains look like large pots and recycle the same water, which can lower energy costs and water usage. A statue fountain is an ideal way to add artistic flair to your client’s backyard. Statues can look like traditional art styles or be more abstract and innovative.

Wall fountains are larger than the previous options, so they’re ideal for clients who want their water feature installation to make a significant impact. You can install the fountain on a blank wall or build a retaining wall to insert the fixture.

YouTube video

This video shows some amazing water feature installations by certified Aquascape contractors


Pond installation is an excellent way to add outdoor water features and capture the beauty of nature. You can construct koi pond kits for clients or carve an earth-bottom pond into their lawn. If you install natural ponds with fish, ensure you use the right filtration system and pump to keep the water habitable for the creatures.

Ponds Serve as a Focal Point for Backyards and Can be Complex Projects


Instead of keeping the water in one place as a pond, streams keep the water flowing throughout the yard. The moving water will attract birds and wildlife, and you can plant interesting flowers to add beauty to the yard. You can install a stream alone or connect a waterfall or fountain to a pond.


A waterfall is a water feature that has a hypnotic effect regarding the sound of the running water. You can add a waterfall to a client’s pond or install a fountain with waterfall features. If the yard has a slope, the waterfall is a natural addition, and the water will flow naturally. You can install structured waterfalls or more organic features made of stones and found materials.

Pondless waterfalls focus on the rocks and surrounding plants instead of where the water ends. The water won’t stagnate when it reaches the ground, so this feature requires less maintenance than waterfalls with ponds.


Instead of a standalone waterfall, a waterwall is a stunning feature that makes outdoor spaces luxurious. You add colorful tiles to an exterior wall, allowing water to run down from the top. You should also install a filter to keep the water from leaving mineral buildup on the tiles.

Maintenance Tasks for a Pond and Water Features Landscaping Business

A landscaping business involves mowing, fertilizing, planting, and weeding. If you focus on ponds and water features, you should consider these other maintenance tasks for your clients.

Pond Designs

Clients might know they want to add water features to their yards but don’t know what will best suit the property. You can provide consultations by viewing their yard and helping them visualize landscape water features in the area.

This pond with a waterfall and underwater illumination looks spectacular at night

Even if they know what they want, you can help clients with installation. Tell them that hiring a professional ensures the water will flow smoothly and the feature will last for years.

Once you install water features for clients, you can help them change the designs or add elements to play off the fixtures they already have. For example, you can create a water garden with aquatic plants for clients. The plants go beyond being beautiful to provide oxygen to their outdoor space.


Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls that end in pools can lead to stagnant water and algae growth. You need to schedule regular cleaning services with clients who have these features. Cleaning should also include replacing filters and clearing pipes that aren’t functioning smoothly.

Many Ponds Require Ongoing Maintenance to maintain the pump and water quality after Installation. This can lead to a recurring source of revenue for your landscaping company

Pump Changes

Pumps are hardy devices but fail over time, and your customers will depend on you for replacements. You want them to trust that you can help keep their fountain and waterfall functional. They might also consider upgrading pumps to get more powerful water flow or improve their energy efficiency.

Seasonal Preparation

If your business is in an area with cold weather, you need to help customers winterize their features. A fountain with standing water will freeze during the winter, which can break the structure and ruin the internal mechanisms. Winterizing water features includes replacing seals, cleaning debris, and covering the water features.

When it’s almost spring, you can visit clients to prepare their water features for the coming season. You’ll want to clean rocks and gravel, change the filter, and ensure the clean water is ready to flow.

How To Start a Pond and Water Features Landscaping Business

If you have experience with water features, you can launch that aspect of your landscaping business. For people new to water features, you should learn from the experts. You can become a certified Aquascape contractor and learn how to design, install, and maintain water features. This certification shows customers they can trust your insight.

Since most states require all contractors to have a license, you also ensure you meet legal guidelines with your water features certification.

Once you have certification, you can start marketing your services to home- and business owners in your area.

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