Carpet Cleaning Franchises

Options for Becoming a Carpet Cleaning Franchisee

Franchises offer a better success route for entrepreneurs than starting off marketing their brands immediately. Franchisees own a branded store or service and glean some of the profits while giving the rest to the franchise owner as a part of their business agreement.

Each business available for franchising listed below already has a proven carpet cleaning system and business model that has worked for clients in the past. Hence, becoming a franchisee of one of these brands should work for the clients that you intend to serve in your community as well.

Peruse each franchise opportunity to find the one that works right for you. Connect with your favorite company when you are ready to go forward with franchising a carpet cleaning business.

General Requirements to Become a Franchisee for a Carpet Cleaner Business

There are many requirements that you must meet to become a franchisee for a carpet cleaning service. Once you meet these mandates, you can apply to become a franchisee and wait for your approval letter.

Such requirements for becoming a franchisee for a carpet cleaning business include the following.

Minimum Cash on Hand

Each franchise requires minimum cash on hand that you must have to purchase the franchise upfront. For example, Kwik Dry has one of the lowest cash on hand required of $11,995 while Two Maids & A Mop requires you to have at least $51,000 in cash to start your franchise.

While navigating the different cleaning franchises available to invest in, you can find one that meets your budget. Investing in a franchise with lower cash on hand means you can turn a profit quicker than investing in one with a higher monetary value required.

Live Where You Are Requesting the Franchise

Some franchises are only available in certain states throughout the nation or world. Check the availability of these carpet cleaning franchises, so you can find one available in your area. Even if you live one state over, find a franchise nearby that works for you.

Pay the Franchise Fee

Certain franchises may ask that you pay an initial franchise fee. For example, Kwik Dry does not note that you have to pay an initial franchise fee while for OpenWorks, the fee is as low as $24,850. Chem-Dry’s franchise fee is about $1,000 lower. Franchise fees can vary based on the area in which you are opening your business.

Required Net Worth

Chem-Dry requires that you have a net worth of at least $70,000 along with other mandates for cash on hand, franchise fee, and paying the monthly royalty fee. Certain carpet cleaning franchises will review your current personal net worth to see if it is viable enough to be a trusted entrepreneur of their brand.

If you have been careful in budgeting your money and building your overall net worth for yourself, then a franchise will trust you to do the same for their business for their benefit and yours. Before you apply to become a carpet cleaning business franchisor, reassure that you have built your net worth to its fullest potential.

Monthly Royalty Fees

Once you become an approved franchisor, you will have to pay monthly royalty fees. The carpet cleaning company will designate how much in fees you will have to pay every month whether a percentage like Stanley Steemer, which is 7%, or a set amount like Heaven’s Best which is $300 per month.

Carpet Cleaning Franchises for Entrepreneurs to Sign Up

There are many national and international carpet cleaning franchises for entrepreneurs to sign up to become franchisors. Some carpet cleaning companies like Stanley Steemer are available in almost every state while other companies are only available in select states or countries.

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning

You can run a Jim’s Carpet Cleaning franchise in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand. When you become a franchisee, you receive Jim’s Carpet Cleaning uniforms, supplier catalogs, suggested prices for services, on-the-job training for you and your employees, and a lead list to immediately start your business from the first day you open.

As a franchisee, you will also get discounts for business cell phone plans and business insurance policies because of your affiliation with Jim’s Carpet Cleaning. The business projects that you can make anywhere between $75 to $185 or more provide carpet cleaning services to your local community members, depending on their type of residence and how many bedrooms there are.

Send in a franchise inquiry, so you can get started on knowing the requirements for becoming a franchisor. Entrepreneurs running a Jim’s Carpet Cleaning franchise may pay about $700 in fees every month but net close to $300,000 in their first year of operation.

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Jim’s Carpet Cleaning Franchisees Share Their Experiences

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer has positioned itself as one of the top carpet cleaning businesses in America. Their initial investment amount is over $117,000 because of the name that they have made for themselves.

Jack A. Bates started the business in 1947 and opened up franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs in 1972. He did carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and other home details work for his clients that eventually expanded as a business in almost all 50 states of America with 300 locations either franchised or owned via the company.

By 2001, Stanley Steemer introduced tile and grout cleaning services to their repertoire to stand out from the local and national competition in the carpet cleaning industry. A study conducted in 2013 showed that Stanley Steemer’s carpet cleaning services can remove at least 94% of allergens.

Stanley Steemer institutes a monthly standard royalty fee of 7% and an ad royalty fee of 4% for the marketing efforts of your franchise. The initial franchise fee can be as low as $20,000 with a franchise agreement lasting for a decade once it starts.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is available for franchising in select states throughout the United States and Canada. Jonathan Barnett started Oxi Fresh in 2006 and opened 17 locations throughout five states in his first six months after the grand opening, which is a monumental expansion for such a short time in business.

By December 2007, Oxi Fresh increased to 83 locations throughout 23 states in America. Fast forward to the present day as they began to do more franchising, there are more than 400 Oxi Fresh locations and over a million cleanings are done via company-owned and franchised locations.

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Oxi Fresh Franchisee Testimonials

Expect to invest upwards of $50,000 to start your Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise with initial franchise fees of anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000. You will gain access to their special carpet cleaning system, marketing support, operations support, a state-of-the-art scheduling center, and access to the business rewards of running your franchise location.

Scroll to the bottom of their franchise page to download the free Oxi Fresh franchising report to see how franchisors succeed in the industry. Input your name and email to have it sent to you for download.

milliCare Floor & Textile Care

milliCare is a national and international floor care company with 50 locations throughout seven states in America and seven countries total worldwide. Rather than residential and commercial, they focus on just commercial floor cleaning services including hardwood floors, carpet cleaning, spot removal, air care, and textile care routines.

To start a milliCare business-to-business (B2B) franchise, you must have $50,000 cash on hand, about $45,000 for the initial franchise fee, and at least $200,000 in total net worth. Investment can be as high as $163,000. The company promises exponential net earnings because of how in-demand commercial floor care is for maintaining clean and professional environments for local businesses.


Chem-Dry has grown to an exponentially large amount of service locations at 3,000 in the United States. They specialize as the top upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning brand in the ranks of Stanley Steemer.

Chem-Dry specializes in its Hot Carbonating Extraction technique when cleaning carpets and upholstery. Their brand manifested in 1977 and has been going strong for the past 45 years.

To begin a Chem-Dry franchise, you need at least $50,000 minimum cash on hand, a $23,500 initial franchise fee, and about $70,000 in net worth. The royalty fee is about $414.32 each month.

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Chem-Dry Focuses on both Residential and Commercial Customers

Two Maids & A Mop

Two Maids & A Mop, despite the name, was started by a man named Ron Holt in 2003 in a small office space in Florida. By 2005, the business took off with two more stores throughout Florida’s coast. Fast forward to the present day, now their many locations service at least 500 customers daily.

Franchisors must have at least a minimum of $51,000 in cash with a total investment range of about $83,140 to as high as $123,890. You do not have to work your weekends away as the business name operates on Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm local time. How’s that for a great entrepreneurial career that offers a generous work-life balance?

Kwik Dry

Kwik Dry has hit some stellar milestones in its years of business. They garnered $5 billion in carpet cleaning revenue in 2021 and saw 3% of annual growth between 2014 to 2021. Their varied service portfolio of carpet cleaning, disinfecting, tile and grout cleaning, and air duct cleaning services makes them a great choice for investors with a low cost.

Kwik Dry states that you only need a minimum of $11,995 in cash on hand to start your franchise. However, check with them about their royalty fee and other possible investment needs.

Other Names in the Carpet Cleaning Franchise Industry

Here are other carpet cleaning businesses that you can also become a franchisor with:

  • Heaven’s Best
  • Open Works
  • Home Clean Heroes
  • Zeroez
  • Smart Carpet Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know more about the requirements for becoming a carpet cleaning franchisor and the brands available to the franchise, here are some frequently asked questions about the carpet cleaning industry in general.

Are carpet cleaning franchises profitable?

Carpet cleaning franchises can turn a profit for you because of their high money-making potential and industry demand. Residential and commercial clients have carpets in their homes, retail spaces, and offices. Hence, they need to be cleaned every so often for cleanliness and health purposes.

You can earn about 50 cents per square, which can amount to as much as $150 per hour as a carpet cleaning franchise owner. Of course, as you gain more clients and ongoing service contracts, you can make even more money per hour.

How much can you make owning a carpet cleaning business?

Even if you run a carpet cleaning business as a sole proprietorship, you can make $50,000 to $100,000 or more per year. Of course, higher or lower profits are based on how many clients you have, if you have ongoing service contracts with specific clients, your service rates, and whether or not you have employees helping you with carpet cleaning jobs.

Is carpet cleaning a growing industry?

Carpet cleaning is a growing industry because IBISWorld projects that it will boost in market value every year by 3.8%. The industry also had a projected $5.9 billion increase between 2017 to 2022.

Why are carpet cleaning franchises better to start for entrepreneurs than their own branded carpet cleaning business?

A franchise business has already been operating for several years and has already proven to be successful because of the products or services they offer and how many people already know about the brand. Hence, an entrepreneur who wants to get into the carpet cleaning industry should try franchising first before developing their unique business model. Franchising can teach a lesson about what to do and not do when running a business.

Which carpet cleaning franchise has the highest initial investment?

Because Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner is a leading name in the carpet cleaning industry, the initial investment is the highest out of all the businesses featured in this list because of the high-echelon brand you will be representing as a franchisor.


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