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A day in the life of a roofing professional can be rewarding, as well as incredibly busy, and perhaps, even quite stressful at times. Whether you are on the job or in transit between projects, listening to podcasts can provide interesting, entertaining, and informative information and perspectives that can be directly applied toward your goal of increasing profit margins and providing top notch customer service and expertise.

Many of the recommended podcasts listed below feature interviews and conversations with industry leaders who will keep you up to date with the latest trends and information related to everything you need to know in order to keep your roofing business growing in a very competitive marketplace.


Catch Up on the Latest Roofing Industry News and Best Business Practices

The Roofer Show

The Roofer Show offers listeners expert advice from professionals in the roofing industry as it relates to how to build a more profitable roofing business.

This podcast averages approximately 64 minutes in length with 4 episodes per month.

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Roofing Success

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The First Ever Episode of the Roofing Success Podcast

Jim Ahlin, who co-authored the book, “Internet Marketing For Roofing Contractors, How to TRIPLE Your Sales and Turn Your Roofing Website Into an Online Lead Generation Machine”, is the host of the Roofing Success podcast. Episodes focus on interviews with a variety of roofing industry leaders who discuss the process by which they achieved success and lessons learned along the way.

Each podcast averages 54 minutes in length and is offered once per week.

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Roofing Business Partner Podcast

This is a podcast that is specifically targeted ‘toward’ roofers ‘by’ roofers, who will discuss subjects such as how to successfully run a business and how to market your business to gain new customers, and so much more.

There is 1 episode per month that lasts approximately 43 minutes.

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Roofing SEO Podcast

Check out this podcast and learn about the ins and outs of SEO, web design, social media, and other marketing techniques to help grow your roofing business.

There is 1 episode per day that averages 39 minutes in length.

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Limitless Roofing CEO Show

Host Dylan McCabe invites you to grab a seat at the table with a peer group and gain insider knowledge from interviews with CEO’s and other high level professionals and apply it to your own roofing business.

Log onto to learn more about their Roofing CEO Peer Groups.

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Roofing Insights Podcast

Host, Dmitry Lipinskiy, offers subscribers 11 episodes per year that average 73 minutes in length and feature informative interviews with industry leaders that are not only insightful on a professional level, but also on an individual one as well.

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Many Immigrants find Success Through Roofing - From the Roofing Insights Podcast

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Rocket Roof Show

Hosted by business owner, Andy Near, this podcast features commercial roofing contractors from across the country who provide tips and tricks of the trade, as well as sales and marketing strategies.

There are 14 episodes per year that average 36 minutes in length. In addition to podcasting platforms, the Rocket Roof Show is also livestreamed on Facebook the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

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The Start Build Grow Show: A Roofing Contractor Podcast

Join host, Randy Brothers, as he teaches roofing contractors how to establish and expand their businesses using his own experience of rebounding from bankruptcy to currently running a multimillion dollar company.

Each podcast averages 48 minutes in length and is offered once per week.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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Hey there - I'm Frank Salvatore. I've been helping small businesses - including home services contractors - get more business online for over 17 years.

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