What Is a Commercial Appliance Repair Business?

Appliance Repair for Higher Volume Appliances in Industrial, Retail & Commercial Settings

Has anyone ever told you that you can't get ice cream because the machine is down at your favorite restaurant? It's a good bet that the restaurant needs a more reliable commercial appliance repair service on speed dial.

What is a commercial appliance repair business? Read on to learn everything you need to know about what they do, how they do it, and why it matters.

What Is a Commercial Appliance Repair Business?

A commercial appliance repair business specializes in repairing and maintaining large-scale appliances typically used in commercial settings. They might specialize in restaurant appliance repair or focus on housekeeping appliances at hotels and laundromats.

These businesses employ trained and experienced technicians to repair a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, and HVAC systems. They may also offer maintenance services to ensure that appliances operate efficiently to prevent future breakdowns.

Restaurant Gas Ranges and Stoves Get Much More Use and Need More Frequent Maintenance Than Residential Models

What Type of Services Does a Commercial Appliance Repair Business Handle?

A commercial appliance repair business typically handles repairs and maintenance for a variety of commercial appliances, including:

  • Commercial refrigeration repair, including walk-in freezers, ice machines, and ice cream machines
  • Commercial kitchen appliances, like convection ovens, grills, and deep fryers
  • Beverage dispensers, including coffee makers and espresso machines
  • Commercial washing machine repair and maintenance

They may also offer installation services for new or replacement appliances and troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and preventive repair services on commercial kitchen equipment.

It May Be Possible to Get Recurring, Repeatable Maintenance Work on Commercial Appliances

Why Do Companies Choose To Do Commercial Appliance Repairs Instead of Residential?

Companies choose to do commercial appliance repairs instead of residential ones for many reasons. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Different types of appliances: Commercial appliances are typically larger and more complex than residential appliances, requiring specialized training and expertise to repair.
  • Different usage patterns: Restaurants use commercial appliances more frequently and intensively than residential appliances and therefore are more likely to experience wear and tear.
  • Different regulations: Many commercial appliances are subject to government regulations, and it’s essential to ensure that they comply with these regulations to avoid costly fines and penalties.
  • Different warranties: Commercial appliances often come with different warranties than residential appliances. Companies must be familiar with these warranties to provide the best possible service to their customers.
  • Business continuity: A broken commercial appliance can cause significant disruption to a business, so companies need to have access to skilled technicians who can repair appliances quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.

Benefits of Commercial Appliance Repair

As a business owner, you must decide whether to work with a commercial appliance repair company or the nearest, fastest handyman you can find. While getting your commercial washer up and running as soon as possible is essential, you also want to ensure it's repaired properly. There are several benefits to choosing a commercial service to handle your repairs.

Cost Savings

Commercial appliance repair can help businesses save money by ensuring that costly replacements are unnecessary. Professional repair technicians can often troubleshoot issues and repair appliances more efficiently than inexperienced personnel.


Repair technicians have certification and experience in all types of commercial appliance repair, so they are knowledgeable in various areas, including safety, energy efficiency, and functionality. They often have education from the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA). They might also have degrees in appliance repair and professional memberships.

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Commercial Food & Equipment Services Association Background Video

Time Efficiency

Professional repair technicians can often complete repairs in a shorter time frame than an inexperienced individual, allowing businesses to get their appliances back in working order sooner.


Professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair commercial appliances and avoid potential accidents safely.

Long-Term Maintenance

Commercial appliance repair can help businesses keep appliances in good condition for a longer period. Regular maintenance can help increase the lifespan of appliances and prevent future problems.

Commercial Appliance Repair Companies Can Keep a Kitchen Commissary Running With Ongoing Maintenance

Challenges Faced in Commercial Appliance Repair

Operating a commercial appliance repair business isn't always easy. There are some notable challenges to undertake if you want to work as an appliance repair technician.

Establishing a Commercial Appliance Repair Business

Getting started requires more than saying you have a business. You have to create a business plan. You’ll need to learn about the commercial appliance repair business requirements for your locality. It's best to contact your local small business organization, chambers of commerce, or similar government agency.

Securing a Commercial Repair Business License

Most regions require you to hold a commercial appliance repair business license in order to operate as an appliance repair technician. The commercial appliance repair business license requirements vary depending on your state and local laws.

Finding Reliable Clients

If you're tired of random one-off jobs, you're probably wondering how to get an appliance repair contract with a business. Knowing that you will be the only person called for a dishwasher or cooler repair gives you peace of mind and ensures continuity for maintenance.

Working with Aging Appliances

As appliances age, they are more prone to breakdowns, requiring experienced repair technicians to identify and repair underlying problems. It's increasingly difficult to locate the proper parts for older equipment, so you might have to get creative. For example, you might have to call around or search scrap yards to find parts for a commercial dryer repair.

Limited Accessibility

Working on large appliances often requires access to certain parts of a unit that are difficult to reach, making repairs more time-consuming and challenging. Additionally, if you get called for an oven repair at a busy restaurant, you might have to work around a bustling kitchen staff or make the repair during odd hours.

Electrical Components

Troubleshooting electrical components can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when the appliance is not wired correctly or when you encounter corroded or faulty connections.

Part Availability

Just because your washer repair is for a new machine doesn't mean finding parts will be a snap. Obtaining parts for commercial appliances can be difficult because of limited manufacturer availability and limited parts suppliers.

Cost of Repairs

Commercial appliance repair can be expensive due to the complexity of parts and the specialized tools required for the job.

Complex Diagnostics

Diagnosing complex problems requires an understanding of appliance design and the ability to identify mechanical, electrical, and software issues.

For example, modern air conditioning units often tie into complex electrical systems with electronic control panels. The system might provide a series of codes that you need to work through to figure out what's wrong before you can even start the repair.


These are some common questions related to commercial appliance repair businesses.

What Is a Commercial Appliance Repair Business?

Commercial appliances are appliances designed for commercial, industrial, or institutional use, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and office buildings. These appliances tend to be more durable and efficient than standard home appliances.

For example, consider a restaurant kitchen's commercial equipment compared to what you find in your home. Your dishwasher accommodates enough for a household, and you might run it once per day.

A commercial dishwasher handles several loads per day to accommodate services for many diners. It's more likely that the restaurant will require dishwasher repair services before you do, not to mention the commercial appliance maintenance needs.

What is an appliance repair person called?

A person who offers commercial appliance service is typically referred to as an appliance technician, appliance repair technician, or appliance service technician.

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